21million21 Million21MCoinEthereumIndy Media Production CompanyVisit
300cubits ICO300cubitsTEUEthereumFreight transaction and management on the blockchain.Visit
3DES platform3DESDESEthereumDecentralized 3D printingVisit
AAAA ICOAAA CoinAAAEthereumSpeculative cryptocurrency and mining platform. Visit
A2B TaxiTAXIEthereum & QtumA to B blockchain based global TAXI platformVisit
Academia Lingu logoAcademia LinguLINEthereumnDecentralized educational platform for language studies.Visit
AcademyACADEthereumAn academy to train developers in blockchain ecosystems.Visit
Accounting blockchain ICOAccounting BlockchainTABEthereum > Accounting Blockchain Decentralized accounting platform allowing for data-sharing between businesses.Visit
AcomobaseACOEthereumThe Uber of hospitality for the blockchain eraVisit
AcornCollective ICOAcorn CollectiveACOEthereumDecentralized crowdfunding platform.Visit
ACT logoACTACTEtherum/DefunctCrowdfunding for grassroots programsVisit
adelphioAdelphoiADELPHOI NxtIncubator for Blockchain InnovationVisit
AdhiveADHEthereumAI and community powered platform for native video advertisingVisit
AdMineMediaCoinEthereumA social network of brands built on blockchain technologyVisit
AdSigmaAdsigmaADSiEthereumBlockchain-based Digital Display AdvertisingVisit
aeternityAeternityAEAeternityHigh Bandwidth TransactingRead More
AffiliateCoin logoAffiliateCoinAFLEthereumSmart-contract fulfillment for the affiliate marketing industry. Visit
AgentmileAgentMileESTATEEthereumAI-powerd decentralized platform for leasing commercial real estate.Visit
Agora logoAgoraVOTEEthereumTransparent voting solution through the blockchain.Visit
Agro Tech FarmATFEthereumHome appliances for cannabis and other crop culvationVisit
AhooleeAHTEthereumThe World's First Search Engine for ProductsRead More
Ai-CoinXAIEthereumA.I. Driven Cryptocurrency Trading Read More
AI Gaming logoAI GamingAIGCEthereumAI platform for education, crowdsourcing and more on the blockchain.Visit
Alehub logoAlehubALEEthereumJob marketplace and project management platform for the IT industry.Visit
Airbloc logoAirblocABLEthereumMonetizing personal data for advertising through the blockchain. Visit
Airexe ICOAirexeAIRXEthereumBlockchain-cased exchange platform for Crypto and Fiat Visit
Airforce Mining logoAirforce MiningAFXEthereumEco-friendly crypto-mining solution.Visit
AITrading logoAITradingAITTEthereumAI-based crypto-investment platform.Visit
Akaiito ICOAkaiitoAICEthereumDaily use solution for cryptocurrencies.Visit
akashaAkashaAETHEthereumPublish, Share and Vote for EntriesRead More
Alux Bank ICOAlux BankALUXEthereumElectronic banking solution for both crypto and fiat currencies.Visit
Alchemy ByteALBWAVESA single token that gives you access to 60+ cryptocurrenciesVisit
AlchemyCoin logoAlchemyCoinAFIEthereumP2P lending platform using AI risk assessment on the blockchain.Visit
VisitAllSparkASKEthereumP2P decentralized platform for content creation and distribution.Visit
Alluxe logoAlluxeLXCEthereumLuxury property rental and sales on the blockchain.Visit
Alphacon logoAlphaconALPEthereumMedical data-sharing and management on the blockchain.Visit
Altindex ICOAltindexADEXEthereumAutonomous cryptocurrency investment platform.Visit
AmbrosusAMBEthereumTrusted Quality of Food & MedicineRead More
AMO logoAMO AMOAMO BlockchainDecentralized data marketplace for the automobile industry.Visit
antsharesAntsharesANSAntsharesDistributed Ledger ProtocolVisit
Anything App logoAnything AppANYEthereumP2P assistance platform for pay or free.Visit
AppicsXAPSteemNext generation social media appVisit
Aqua Intel logoAqua IntelAQXEthereumPersonalized B2P reward-based advertising for the hospitality industryVisit
Arcona logoArconaARCONAEthereumAR blockchain-platform that layers content storage and creation over existing landmarks. Visit
Decentralized cloud-storage for the business world.ArchicoinARCHIEthereumDecentralized cloud-storage for the business world.Visit
ardorArdorARDRNxtBlockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) PlatformVisit
Arizn logoAriznAALTEthereumTransparent platform for authenticated crowdfunding projects.Visit
Arround logoArroundARREthereumFacilitating advertising in the AR space.Visit
Artis logoArtisATSARTIS BlockchainA blockchain to address scalability concerns in the cryptoeconomy.Visit
AstorGameASTOREthereumAn eSports and online gambling platformVisit
Astoria  logoAstoriaAPCEthereumICO development service platform.Visit
Asura Coin ICOAsura CoinASANEOBlockchain-powered autonomous e-Sports platform.Visit
ATB logoATB CoinATBLightning NetworkCryptocurrency for secure, scalable and cheap cross-border payments.Visit
Atanomi NetworkAtonomi NetworkATMI Ethereum An IoT Identity Registry on the Ethereum BlockchainRead More
Attrace logoAttraceATTREthereumDirect affiliate marketing rewarded through AI on the blockchain.Visit
augurAugurREPEthereumPrediction Market PlatformVisit
AutoBay ICOAutoBayABXEthereumDecentralized marketplace for trading or auctioning motor-vehicles.Visit
AvailCom logoAvailComAVLEthereumKeyless property rentals with payment verification and autonomous entry permissions on the blockchain.Visit
AventusAVTEthereumTransparent TicketingRead More
Avinoc logoAvinocAVINOCEthereumBusiness flight coordination on the blockchain.Visit
AworkerWORKEthereumA decentralized professional platform built on EthereumVisit
AXenS ICOAXenSAXSStellarDecentralized B2B trading, transacting and lending platform.Visit
AxpireAXPEthereumEmpowering finance managers and administratorsVisit
B2AND ICOB2ANDB2CEthereumP2P reward-based advertising platform.Visit
BABBBAXEthereumThe world bank for the micro economyVisit
BaikalikaBKLEthereumBlockchain tech for Baikal water mining and distributionVisit
balehu ico informationBalehu BucksBUXEthereumRestoring and empowering local commerce Read More
BancorBNTEthereumPeer-to-peer direct exchanges of any two tokens. Read More
bankera ico BankeraBNKSpectroCoinBanking for the blockchain eraVisit
BNK logoBankToTheFutureBFTEthereumCrptocurrency and ICO investment platform.Visit
Basic AttentionBATEthereumAdvertising PlatformRead More
Basis Neuro logoBasis NeuroBNSTEthereumDevice enabling neurologically-controlling devices via the blockchain.Visit
bcharityBCharityCHAREthereumCharity crowdfunding on the Ethereum blockchain.Visit
BeANKH logoBeANKHANKHEthereumAI avatar replicating and representing real people on the blockchain.Visit
BEAT logoBeatBEATEthereumBlockchain platform for recording, storing and sharing personal fitness data.Visit
BFEX logoBFEXBFEXEthereumDecentralized P2P nano-loans for the global crypto-community.Visit
BXG ICOBGXBGXEthereumAn AI-powered decentralized financial platform for the e-gaming App and dApp industry.Read More
Bidipass logoBidipassBDPIdentity authentication dApp on the blockchain.Visit
BidiumBidiumBIDMEthereumAuction and exchange platform on the blockchainVisit
BrandZ logoBandZ NetworkBNZEthereumSecure, accessible dApp distributions network.Visit
bigbom ICOBigbom ecoBBOEthereumAn digital advertising platform built on the blockchain. Visit
BiometridsIDSEthereumA platform for mobile facial recognition identificationVisit
BirdchainBIRDEthereumA blockchain based A2P SMS aggregatorVisit
Bitbose logoBitboseBOSEEthereumDecentralized banking and investment solution for the crypto-community.Visit
BitcarBITCAREthereumA platform for buying fractional ownership of supercarsVisit
BitClave logoBitClaveCATEthereumSearch engine and adverting interaction reward platform.Visit
Bitdrive logoBitDriveBTDEthereumRidesharing platform based on the blockchain.Visit
Bitfair logoBitfairXBFEthereumP2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
BitHubBHTEthereumAiming to create a next generation digital asset exchangeVisit
BitImage ICOBitImageBIMEthereumDigital media marketplace powered by blockchain.Visit
Bitlumens ICOBitlumensBLSEthereumBringing solar electricity to rural villages in Latin America.Visit
ico marchBitMinutesBMTEthereumVirtual currency for the prepaid industryVisit
BitnationPATEthereumPangea Arbitration Token (PAT) powers the Pangea JurisdictionVisit
BitNautic ICOBitNauticBTNTEthereumDecentralized freight management on the blockchain.Read More
BitPlay ICOBitPlayBTPEthereumDecentralized e-gaming, e-sports, and e-gambling platform.Read More
bitproperty icoBitpropertyBTPEthereumOwn revenue generating property anywhereRead More
ICOs FebruaryBitRaceBRFEthereumDeveloping the Tunisia Racing F1 City projectVisit
BitRewardsBITEthereumA blockchain where shopping mines coins.Visit
BitSchool ICOBitSchoolBSCHEthereumAI-assisted personalized education on the blockchain.Visit
BitSong logoBitSongBTSGEthereumBlockchain-based music streaming platform.Visit
BitStump logoBitStumpBITSEthereumE-wallet for all cryptocurrencies.Visit
BWEX ICOBitwin Crypto Exchange (BWEX)BWCEthereumAn extremely scalable, low-cost crypto-exchange platform.Visit
Blockkonnect logoBlockkonnect1XBTEthereumBlockchain and crypto-focused social network and advisory platform to monetize on personal data and wisdom.Visit
BlockEx DAXTEthereumToken gives access to ICOs during pre-sales hosted on the BlockEx platformVisit
BlockFollow logoBlockFollowBFNEthereumTrading, investment and social networking platform for the crypto-community.Visit
BlocklancerLCNEthereumEnd to End Anonymous Messaging and File SharingVisit
Blockonomics logoBlockonomicsBCKEthereumFacilitating bitcoin payments for real-world retailers.Visit
BlockPayBLKPYBitsharesPayment PlatformVisit
BlockPoolBPLBlockpoolB2B SolutionsVisit
Blockport ico informationBlockport BPTEthereumSocial crypto exchangeVisit
BlockRx logoBlockRxBKRxEthereumIoT tracking for the pharmaceutical industry.Visit
Blocks LogoBlocksBLOCKSEthereumFee-less, decentralized cloud-storage solution. Visit
Blockshipping logoBlockshippingCCCEthereumIoT tracking platform for freight containers.Read More
blocksquare ICOBlocksquareBSTEthereumReal-estate investment on the blockchain.Visit
Blockvest logoBlockvestBLVEthereumAsset digitization and investment platform on the Ethereum blockchain.Visit
bloom ico token saleBloomBLTEthereumAn end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoringVisit
BloomX logoBloomXBX8StellarMaking cryptocurrencies mainstream through money-changers.Visit
Blupass ICOBlupassBLUEthereumHealthcare billing solution on the blockchain.Visit
BluzelleBLZEthereumA decentralized database service for dAppsVisit
BolttCoin ICOBolttcoinBOLTTWAVES and Ethereum Gamified health dApp on the Waves and Ethereum blockchainsVisit
Bonafi ICOBonafiBonaSEthereumEmpowering suppliers with IoT and dApp technology.Visit
BountieBNEEthereumA gaming platform for matchmaking, leaderboards, and moreVisit
Bounty Angels ICOBounty AngelsBANGEthereumSemi-automatic bounty program management on the blockchainVisit
Briastorm logoBriastormBSTEthereumFair remuneration for all participants involved in the digital advertizing chain.Visit
BrickBlockBBTEthereumStock Trading on the BlockchainRead More
BrickEx logoBrickExBRIEthereumCreating transparency for small real estate investment.Visit
BrikBit logoBrikBitBRIKDPoSEnsuring liquidity and governance in the real estate development industry.Visit
Browsers LabBALEthereumDecentralized Software Automation on the blockchain.Visit
Bryllite logoBrylliteBRCEthereumInter-game online asset trading platform on the blockchain.Visit
BTU Protocol ICOBTU ProtocolBTUEthereumDecentralized online booking protocol for dApps.Visit
BubbletoneBubbleToneUMTEthereumA decentralized mobile telecom and data platform on the blockchain.Visit
Bucky logoBucky CoinBCCEthereumDecentralized platform for content and service transactions for the entertainment and media industries.Visit
BudboBUBOEthereumSupply chain management for the legal cannabis industryVisit
Builderium logoBuilderiumBUILDEthereumDecentralized job-marketplace for the construction industry.Visit
Buying logoBuying.comBUYEthereumDecentralized e-commerce platform for purchases directly from manufacturers.Visit
byteballByteballBYTESByteballDecentralized StorageVisit
Capital ICO logoCapitalCALLEthereumReal-time secure and private decentralized communication platform.Visit
cappasity token saleCappasityCAPPEthereumDecentralized AR/VT ecysystem for 3D content exchange.Visit
Carboneum logoCarboneumC8EthereumAutomated cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
Cardstack ICOCardstackCARDEthereumThe Build-Your-Own-dApp PlatformRead More
CargoCoin logoCargoCoinCRGOEthereumIoT for the freight and cargo on a decentralized platform.Read More
CargoConX logoCargoConXTICSStellarTransport and logistics transparency and trace-ability solutions on the blockchain.Visit
Careonchain ICOcareonchainREOCAREON blockchainBlockchain platform for hybrid vehicle development.Visit
Carry Protocol logoCarry ProtocolCREEthereumConsumer-controlled and monetized transaction data on the blockchain.Visit
CashbagCBCEthereumThe cash back cryptocurrency Visit
CasperAPI logoCasperAPICSTEthereumSecure and transactionable cloud-storage on the blockchain.Visit
CedexCEDEXEthereumA certified blockchain based diamond exchangeVisit
CellBlocks ICOCellBlocksCLBKEthereumBlockchain financial solution for the prison system.Visit
celsius ico token saleCelsiusDEGEthereumA P2P decentralized credit protocolVisit
Chainconnect logoChainconnectCOTEthereumAI-powered cryptocurrency investment and trading platform.Visit
chainlink ico information ChainLink LINKEthereumConnecting smart contracts to external systems & APIsRead More
Checkitsreal ICOcheckitsrealCIREthereumIoT-tracking dApp for the pharmaceutical industry.Visit ICOCherr.ioCHREthereumBlockchain-based crowdfunding for charitable causes.Visit
ChimaeraCHITBDDecentralized Autonomous Universes or True Blockchain Based Gaming PlatformRead More
Chynge logoChyngeXCLPStellarDemocratized and socialized money on the blockchain.Visit
Cindx logoCindxCINXEthereumCryptocurrency investment and advisory platform.Visit
CitoWise logoCitoWiseCTWEthereumSecure blockchain-based transactions for the both the private and corporate world.Visit
civicCivicCVCEthereumIdentity VerificationRead More
Clairety ICOClairetyRELYEthereumAI social media content screening and rating platform.Visit
Clears ICOClearsCLRSEthereumKYC verification and tracking platform on the Ethereum blockchain.Visit
Cloudbric logoCloudbricCLBEthereumDecentralizing cyber-security.Visit
Cloudwith.meCLDEthereumCloud Hosting and Applications
on the Blockchain
Read More
Code of Talent logoCode of TalentCODEEthereumMicro-learning educational platform on the blockchain.Visit
cofound.itCofound.itCFIEthereumConnect Startups, Experts and Investors WorldwideVisit
Cognida logoCognidaCOGEthereumDecentralized data-sharing on the blockchain.Visit
CoinAnalyst logoCoinAnalystCOYEthereumAI powered cryptocurrency-trading platform.Visit
CoinJanitorCoinJanitorJANEthereumA project that sweeps up inactive coins.Read More
CMBT ICOCoin Market Brasil (CMBT)CMBTEthereumA secure crypto management and transaction platform for businesses on Ethereum. Visit
CoinMetroTBPREthereumA licensed fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovationVisit
Coinolix logoCoinolixCLXEthereumCold-storage cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
CoinplaceCPLEthereumA direct trade service for ICO tokensVisit
CoinSeason logoCoinSeasonCSZEthereumCryptocurrency exchange platform based in VanVisit
CoinstarterSTCEthereumA platform for cryptocurrency based fundraisingVisit
CoinvestCOINEthereumA decentralized stock market for cryptocurrenciesVisit
Color Platform logoColorCOLEthereumGen 3 blockchain solution for dApp development.Visit
Colu Local NetworkCLNEthereumBuilding a decentralized monetary system from the wallet upVisit
Commerce Coin logoCommerce CoinCOMCOM-BlockchainPayment platform connecting the crypto-economy to traditional payment systems.Visit
connectius ico tokensaleConnectiusCNTEthereumHelping all e-commerce stores to save money they lose on fraud transactionsVisit
Consensus ICOConseCindxnsusSENEthereumEffective, decentralized governance powered by AI technology.Visit
ConcertVR ICOConcertVRCVTEthereumLive virtual concerts powered by blockchainVisit
Contract Vault logoContract VaultVLTEthereumSecure content marketplace for creators.Visit
cop pay icoCopPayCOPEthereumMultiсryptocurrency payment platform for businesses, consumers and communityVisit
COPYTRACKCPYEthereumTransparency for Ownership and Licensing of Digital ContentVisit
Cool Cousin ICOCool CousinCUZEthereumA social travel chat and advice dApp on the blockchainVisit
Corion PlatformCOREthereumStable Price Cryto CoinRead More
COTICOTICOTI BlockchianCurrency of The InternetVisit
counterpartyCounterpartyXCPBitcoinSmart Contracts on BitcoinVisit
CoVEX logoCoVEXCoVEXEthereumA social/copy crypto-trading platform.Visit
CPROP logoCPROP.ioCPROPEthereumProperty authentication and transactions on the blockchain.Visit
CraftyCFTYEthereumA free, blockchain based home services platformVisit
CreditcoinCCOINEthereumA token based affiliate networkVisit
Credits token sale CreditsCREDITSCreditsA blockchain with its own internal crytocurrencyVisit
Crosspays ICOCrosspaysCPSEthereumAutonomous decentralized marketplace and social network.Visit
Crowd CoinageCCOSEthereumAn OS for the future of funding.Visit
Crowd MachineCMCTEthereumA decentralized dApp engine.Visit
CrowdPrecision logoCrowdPrecisionCPTEthereumCrowdsourcing platform for freelancers and businesses.Visit
crowdwiz ico CrowdWizWIZEthereumA next-gen investment ecosystemRead More
Cryptassist logoCryptassistCTACryptassist BlockchaindApps for all sectors of the crypto-space.Visit
Crypto Angel ICOCryptoAngelANGELEthereumPersonalized digital assistant powered with AI learning capabilities.Visit
Cryptocean logoCryptoceanCRONEthereumFacilitating direct transactions of both crypto and fiat currencies.Visit
CryptoFlixFLIXEthereumMovie streaming and funding on the blockchain.Visit
CryptoHunters  ICOCryptoHuntersCHTEthereumICO review and investment portfolio development platform.Visit
CryptoNetixCryptonetixCNXEthereumAnalytics, funding and educational platform.Visit
Cryptonity logoCryptonityXNYEthereumA cryptocurrency exchange platform for the cryptocommunity.Visit
CryptoPolice ICOCryptoPoliceOFCREthereumAnti-fraud protocols and dApps for the crypto-community..Visit
CryptoRiya logoCryptoRiyaCIYAEthereumP2P platform for cyptocurrency trading and cashing out.Visit
crypto tickets icoCrypto.ticketsTKTEthereumTicketing platform regulated by smart contractsRead More
CryptozonTOGEthereumDecentralized marketplaceVisit
Cryptyk ICOCryptykCTKEthereumDencentralized data storage and cyber-security.Visit
crypviserCrypviserCVCOINCVCOIN BlockchainSocial and Business CommunicationVisit
Crystal Clear logoCrystal ClearCCTEthereumDecentralized job marketplace and review platform across a variety of industries.Visit
cube icoCubeCUBECUBE BlockchainRedifining the security of autonomous carsVisit
Cubomania logoCubomaniaCUBOEthereumInvestment opportunity in creative educational cubes with interactive capabilities both digitally and in the real world.Visit
Curaizon logoCuraizonCTKNEthereumIoT for the healthcare and medicinal industries.Visit
CVProof.comINKEthereumThe New Job StandardRead More
CVerification ICOCVerificationCVEREthereumRecruitment and document verification platform on the blockchain.Visit
CyClean logoCyCleanCCLEthereumElectric car rental platform on the blockchain.Visit
DBX logoDEBXDBXEthereumReal-world purchases with a multi-currency e-wallet and credit card.Visit
Dadi ico crowdsaleDADIDADIEthereumCloud computing services Read More
DafzoDFZEthereumA decentralized, blockchain-based logistics platform.Visit
daneel ico DaneelDANEthereumBring data intelligence into the crypto jungleRead More
Dank Signals ICODank SignalsDANKEthereumThe ultimate traders'
knowledge hub.
Daseron logoDaseronDSREthereumeCommerce for goods and services on a decentralized platform.Visit
DataBroker DAODTXEthereumA decentralized marketplace for IoT Sensor DataRead More
daocasinoDao.casinoBETEthereumDecentralized CasinoRead More
Darico logoDaricoDECEthereumBlockchain blatform for trading and monitoring cryptocurrency investments.Visit
Dataeum logoDataeumXDTEthereumMonetizing personal data-sharing through the blockchain.Visit
Datareum logoDatareumDTNEthereumMonetizing data on a decentralized platform. Visit
DAV NetworkDAVKademliaA blockchain-based transportation platform.Visit
dcorpDcorpDRPEthereumDemocratizing Venture CapitalismRead More
TheDealCoinDeal CoinDEALEthereumP2P lending platform on the Ethereum Blockchain Visit
Decem logoDecemDECEMEthereumFacilitated fiat payments on the blockchain.Visit
Desico logoDesicoDesiEthereumSEC-compliant cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
DeCloudsDCSDeClouds Issuing, Exchanging and Trading AssetsVisit
DeCoinDCIEthereumA blockchain based betting platformVisit
Deedcoin ICODeedcoinDEEDDeedcoin BlockchainReduced real estate sale commission through the blockchain Visit
DeHedgeDHTEthereumA decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investorsVisit
DPT logoDeliverers Power Token (DPT)DPTEthereumJob marketplace for the freelance parcel delivery industry.Visit
DenCityDNXEthereumA blockchain and AI powered metaverseVisit
DeNet logoDeNetDNETEthereumDecentralized cloud storage and web-hosting.Visit
Dentacoin DCNEthereumBlockchain solution for the global dental industry Read More
DescrowDESEthereumDecentralized EscrowVisit
Deskbell ICODeskBell ChainDBTEthereumA geolocation blockchain dApp for the hotel and tourism industryRead More
DeStream  logoDeStreamDSTStratisP2P streaming and content-monetization platform.Visit
Dether ico Dether DTHEthereumBuy Ether using cash and spend it at physical storesVisit
DiceMoney ICODICE MoneyDicetEthereumDecentralized autonomous platform for financial transactions.Visit
Digipulse logoDigipulseDGPTEthereumPlatform ensuring that digital assets will be inherited.Visit
digixdaoDigixDAODGDEthereumDigital Gold AssetsVisit
Digmus logoDigmusDGMEthereumIoT tracking platform to counteract counterfeit goods.Visit
Dimensions NetworkSTCEthereumThe first exchange to pay its tradersVisit
DirectHome logoDirectHomeDIRECEthereumP2P real estate transactions on the blockchain.Visit
DisciplinaDSCPDISCIPLINA blockchainThe First Blockchain for HR & Education.Visit
district0xDNTEthereumNetwork of Marketplaces and Communities.Read More
DIWDIWEthereumA secure digital data and documentation vault on the blockchain.Visit
Doc Coin- Pre SaleDOCEthereumA global service integrating the entire online medicine industryVisit
dogezer ito informationDogezer DGZEthereumA software development platformVisit
DopamineDOPAEthereumDecentralized collaborative processing networkVisit
Dorado ICODoradoDOREthereumAI delivery drones powered by blockchain.Visit
dragon coin icoDragon CoinDRGEthereumA decentralized currency for casinos & playersVisit
Dream Ecosystem ICODREAM Ecosystem DREAMEthereumFreelance job market for blockchain experts.Visit
düber ico düberDBREthereumTransforming the canabis industryVisit
DubtokensDBNEthereumA protocal and dApp store for interactive video and experiencesVisit
Dysnomia logoDysnomiaMIAEthereumBlockchain-based solution for the digital signage industry.Visit
EarthCycle logoEarthCycleECEthereum/EarthCycleCryptocurrency for pay-it-forward investments in new sustainable business ventures. Visit
easyMINEEMTEthereumPlatform for Crypto MiningRead More
eCharge logoeChargeECHGEthereumDecentralized payment system for recharging electronic cars.Visit
ecobitEcobitTM-ECOBITBlockchainCrypto Token/CoinVisit
Ecomi logoEcomiOMIEthereumAR brand-name digital collectibles on the blockchain.Visit>Visit
eCoinomic logoeCoinomicCNCEthereumCrypto-currency-collateral based loans.Visit
EcoToken ICOEcoTokenETSEcoTokenDecentralized crowdfunding platform for eco-friendly projects.Visit
Efir logoEfirQZEthereumMarketplace for influencers on the blockchain.Visit
Effect.aiEFXNEOA decentralized AI platform.Visit
Egretia ICOEgretiaEGTEgretia SDKConnecting HTML5 protocols and developers to the blockchain.Visit
Electrominer logoElectrominerELMEthereumCryptocurrency mining through solar energy.Visit
EIPlatform logoEIPlatformEMIEthereumDecentralized Esports marketing platform.Visit
Ekasi Bucks ICOEkasi BucksLykkeEthereumDecentralized cryptocurrency for South African Townships.Visit
Elepig logoElepigElepigEthereumCryptocurrency exchange platform with built-in security.Visit
Eligma ICOEligmaELIEthereumA decentralized e-commerce platform powered by AI technology.Visit
EllcrysELLEthereumA blockchain for trustless, censorship-resistant software developementVisit
Emanate logoEmanateEN8EOSMusic production, ownership authentication, monetization and distribution on the blockchain.Visit
embermineEmbermineEMBEmbermineRoyalty Payment SystemVisit
EmmaresEmmaresEMAEthereumReward-based consensual targeted email advertising on the blockchain.Visit
encryptotelEncryptoTelETTBlockchainPrivacy and Civil LibertiesVisit
Energi MineETKEthereumDecentralizing global energy markets by rewarding energy efficient behaviorVisit
enkronos logoEnkronosENKEthereumSecure data-authentication, anonymity and protection on the blockchain.Visit
Entry logoEntryENTRYEthereumDecentralized token to transplant traditional banking systems onto the blockchain.Visit
Envienta logoEnvientaENVEthereumDecentralized platform for P2P socioeconomic development and transactions across a wide variety of fields.Visit
ExpertOption ICOEO.TradeEOGeth and ParityFinex platform for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.Visit
EOS.ioEOS.IOEOSEthereumA decentralized platform for dApp development and testing.Visit
EpigenCare ICOEpigenCareEPICEthereumPersonalized
epigenietics on the blockchain.
EQUI CapitalEQUIEthereumA crypto-token for the venture capital market.Visit
escape tokenEscapeTokenESCPEthereumEscape games booking service powered by blockchain technologyVisit
Ethbay ICOEthbayEBAYEthereumDecentralized marketplace for P2P trading using ETH.Visit
Etheal ICOEthealHEALEthereumDecentralized platform for international tourist medical careVisit
EtherInc logoEtherIncETI
EtherInc BlockchainAn an Ethereum blockchain fork for developing new blockchain-based platforms.Visit
Etherisc logoEtheriscDIPEthereumDecentralized platform for insurance dApps.Visit
EverLife.Ai logoEverLife.AiFUELEthereumSelf-based avatar representation platform with AI-learning capabilities.Visit
EtherSportz ico EtherSportzESZEthereumEthereum-based eSports tournament platform for popular gamesVisit
EthorseHORSEEthereumBet on crypto. Working dApp with users, Visit
e-PocketEPTEthereumSimplyfying people's lives through smart technologiesVisit
Eventa logoEventaEVTAEthereumPlatform for event ticket distribution and authentication.Visit
EvidentProof ICOEvident ProofEPTEthereumDecentralized data verification and proofing platform.Visit
Exaking ICOExakingEXAEthereumCrypto-exchange and social platform.Visit
experty icoExpertyEXYEthereumCalls powered by cryptocurrencyVisit
Explorio logoExplorioXPLDecentralized travel review platform.Visit
exscudoExscudoEONEON BlockchainNextgen Financial EcosystemVisit
Exbitrade logoExbitradeXBTEthereumIoT platform for tracing good authenticity and ownership.Visit
EyeGlob logoEyeGlobEYEEthereumGlobal network for the eye healthcare system.Visit
FansUnite icoFansUniteFANEthereumSports betting on the blockchainVisit
Fantasy Market ico Fantasy MarketFMTEthereumA marketplace for live, user directed performancesVisit
Fantom logoFantomFTMFANTOM OPERAPlatform that develops smart contracts based on a DAG protocolVisit
Faxport ICOFaxportFASEthereumA decentralized networking and funding platform for the sports industry.Visit
Feedchain logoFeedchainFEEDEthereumP2P monetization of homemade cooking through the blockchain.Visit
FIC ICOFIC NetworkeFICEthereumFutures trading, lending and invoice investment on a decentralized platform. Visit
Filecoin ICOFilecoinFILFilecoin BlockchainA Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage SolutionVisit
Fire LottoFLOTEthereum A simple and understandable international blockchain lotteryVisit
Firmo logoFirmoFRMEthereumBlockchain protocol designed for secure cryptocurrency transactions.Visit
Firstblood ICOFirstBlood1STEthereum eSports Platform Visit
FiveMininig ICOFiveStarMiningNetworkFSNEthereumMining pool guaranteeing ROI to pool with monthly reports.Visit
Fixy ICOFixy Network FXYEthereumA platform enabling day-to-day cryptocurrency usage.Visit
Flashmoni logoFlashmoniOZTFlashAdchainReal- and digital-world crypto and fiat currency exchange, transfer and transaction dApp.Visit
FlipzFLIPZN/AA decentralized eCommerce platformVisit
Flatlay ICOFlatlayCCOIN EthereumCopyright and intellectual property protection on the blockchain.Visit
FlipNpik ICOFlipNpikFNPEthereumDecentralized social media network specifically tailored for businesses.Visit
flogmallFlogmallMLCEthereumAn international e-commerce site created for users from all over the worldVisit
FluenceFPTEthereumEncrypted Database for Sensitive DataRead More
FluonecoFTPEthereumAsset Management platformVisit
Fluzcoin logoFluzcoinFFCEthereumCrytocurrency for real-world retail purchases.Visit
FluzFluzFLUZEthereumA rewards platform that gives you cash back on purchasesVisit
Flying MoneyFMLEthereumGlobal tokenazation of financial assetsVisit
FOAM logoFOAMFOAMEthereumGlobal map-building protocol for dApps.Visit
FoodCoinFDCEthereumGlobal Ecosystem for Agriculture and Food BusinessesVisit
FoodimusFDMEthereumFind, share and store food inspirationVisit
football coinFootballCoinXFCCounterpartyFantasy Football PlatformRead More
FortKnoxster token saleFortKnoxsterFKXEthereumA crypto community safguarding communicatons and dataVisit
FReeStart logoFReeStartFRSEthereum2nd-Gen cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange platform for international transactions and purchases.Visit
Freldo logoFreldoFRECNEthereumBlockchain-based market for digital service providers and clients.Visit
Friend logoFriend NetworkFRNDEthereumdApp services, resources, tools and development platform.Visit
FriendzFDZEthereumA Peer-to-Peer Interactive Marketing PlatformRead More
Fund fantasy icoFund FantasyFUNDZEthereumA financial fantasy contest platformVisit
Fund Platform ICOFund PlatformFUNDNEMDigital asset creation, implementation and transaction on a decentralized platform.Visit
Fund Yourself NowFYNBlockchainCrowdfunding PlatformRead More
fusion token saleFusionFSNEthereumInclusive cryptofinancial platform providing cross-chain, cross-datasource smart contracts.Visit
FuzeXFXTEthereumAn all-in-one debit card for spending cryptocurrencies and earning rewardsVisit
Fysical logoFysicalFYSEthereumA blockchain protocol for on- and offline transaction data tracking.Visit
Gobrotech logoGabro TechGBOEthereumDisrupting loyalty rewards programs via the blockchain.Visit
Gagapay ICOGagapayGTA NEOCustomizable app for developing marketing campaigns.Visit
GAMB logoGAMBGMBEthereumA self-governed e-commerce marketplace on the the blockchain.Visit
GAPro logoGAProGAProEthereumService platform for decentralized user and data authentication.Visit
Gaus Trade logoGaus TradeGAUSEthereumDirect car purchases between buyer and manufacturer through the blockchain.Visit
Gemera logoGemeraGEMAEthereumStable-coin based on Colombian emeralds. Visit
genEOS logogenEOSgenEOSgenEOSScalable, efficient, and secure blockchain 4.0 for business.Visit
Genesis ICOGenesisGESEthereumBlockchain-based real-estate invement.Visit
genesisvision Genesis VisionGVTEthereumPlatform for the private trust management marketRead More
Genexi logoGenexiGENEthereumBio & Med research and drug development on the blockchain.Visit
GeoFoundesrs  logoGeoFoundersGUNSEthereumCollective platform for dApp development with remuneration.Visit
Gese ICOGeseGSEEthereumIoT verification for alcohol on the blockchainVisit
GID Coin logoGID Coin GIDeEthereumStable-coin backed by gold and diamonds.Visit
Gift CoinGIFTEthereumA cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causesVisit
GigTricks ICOGigTricksGBTCEthereumDecentralized marketplace for freelancers.Visit
giga wattGiga WattWTTEthereumFull Service Mining SolutionRead More
Gilgamesh Platform Gilgamesh PlatformGILEthereumKnowledge-sharing social network platform Visit
gimmer ico Gimmer GMREthereumAutomated trading platform for cryptocurrenciesVisit
gledos logoGledosGLXEthereumOn-demand educational content and resources on the blockchain.Visit
Global REIT ICOGlobal REITGREMEthereumDecentralized real estate investment platform.Visit
GlobatalentGlobaltalentGBTEthereumDecentralized investments in sports players through the blockchain.Read More
Globitex GBXEthereuemInstitutional Grade Spot and Derivatives Exchange in BitcoinVisit
GLXCoinGLXCEthereumThe future of the global capital marketsVisit
gnosisGnosisGNOEthereumPrediction MarketRead More
Gochain ICOGoChainGOCEthereumA scalable cryptocurrency and blockhain to transact smart contracts and support dApps.Visit
GOeureka logoGOeurekaGOEthereumDecentralized hotel-bookings.Visit
GoHelpFund ICOGoHelpFundHELPEthereumPeer-to-Peer Crowdfunding PlatformRead More
Gold Bits CoinGBCEthereumA cryptocurrency backed by goldVisit
Golden Currency logoGolden CurrencyPGCTEthereumGold-backed cryptocurrency for private currency issuances.Visit
Goldma logoGoldmaGMAWavesCryptocurrency based on gold mined by African mining company.Visit
golemGolemGNTEthereumWorldwide SupercomputerRead More
GoNetwork  logoGoNetworkGOTEthereumEnabling off-chain transactions for the Ethereum networkVisit
Goodwork logoGoodworkOOOEthereumJob marketplace and space rental platform for team-based tasksVisit
Grabameal_ICOGrabamealGAMEthereumSharing meals through the blockchain.Visit
GraftGRFNEMAccept Crypto at the Point of Sale. Natively.Visit
GrainGRAINEthereumTransforms labor contracts into smart contracts on the blockchain. Visit
Grapevine World logoGrapevine WorldGVNEEthereumA borderless data-sharing blockchain platform for the healthcare industry.Visit
GraphenTech logoGraphenTech77GEthereumStablecoin based on graphene.Visit
Gratz logoGratzioGRATZStellarDecentralized job-marketplace for small tasks.Visit
GreeneumGreeneumGREENEthereumA decentralized green energy market.Visit
GPX ICOGreen Power ExchangeGPXEthereumDecentralized P2P platform for energy sharing.Visit
GTurboGTREthereumA token option for gas turbine productionVisit
The HACK FundHACKEthereumA liquid venture fund on the blockchainVisit
HarborHarborHBREthereumA decentralized application marketplaceVisit
Harbour DAOHRBEthereumEthereum-based DAO for managing token assets by harnessing the wisdom of the crowdVisit
HavvenHavvenEthereumA distributed monetary system stablecoinVisit
HdacDACHdac BlockchainBlockchain Platform for IOT contract creation and fulfillmentVisit
hedgecrypto crowdsale HedgeHDGEthereumA platform serving hedge instruments useful to crypto marketsRead More
Helix logoHelixmHLXHelix BlockchainDecentralized, secure P2P data sharing. Visit
HeroHEROEthereuemThe Future of Banking in Southeast AsiaVisit
HighVibe logoHighVibe.NetworkHVEthereumP2P platform for monetizing mindfulness and meditation.Visit
HI Health logoHI:HealthHIHEthereuemPersonal medical data brokerage on the blockchain.Visit
Hilarium logoHilariumHILAEOSDecentralized token for consumer reward programs.Visit
Hirefreehands ICOHirefreehandsHFTEthereumdApp for globally connecting freelancers with employers with mitigation benefits. Visit
EthereumP2P vehicle hiring and sharing on a decentralized platform.Visit
Hive logoHiveHVNHive BlockchainLoans, credit audits and risk management on the blockchain.Visit
Hive Power ICOHive PowerHVTEthereumSecure, decentralized energy-sharing community development.Visit
HOLD ICOHOLDHOLDEthereumDecentralized P2P lending with cryptocurrency collateral.Visit
Homelend logoHomelendHMDEthereumP2P Property Financing and Investment Solution on the BlockchainRead More
Hong CoinĦEthereumDecentralized Venture Fund on BlockchainVisit
hostcoin token sale HostcoinHOSTCNXTWeb hosting service introducing a new level of safetyRead More
Howdoo ICOHowdoouDooEthereumReward-based social networking and messaging dApp.Visit
HurifyHUREthereumA decentralized blockchain platform for IoT solution dvelovementVisit
Hybrid BettingHYB EthereumAn experiment involving human skill with numbers.Visit
HybridBlockOTSEthereumA cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
Hycon ICOHYCONHYCHYCON BlockchainA scalable cryptocurrency.Visit
iCasting logoiCastingTLNTEthereumP2P casting platform for clients and talent.Visit
IceRockMining ICOIce Rock MiningROCK2EthereumCrypto-minging inside an actual abandoned mine for reduced mining overheads.Visit
ICON ICOICONICXEthereumLooping data across mulitple blockchainsVisit
iconomiIconomiICNEthereumInvestment Fund ManagementVisit
ICOStart platformIcoStartICHEthereumPlatform for launching ICO projects.Visit
IDGO logoIDGOKINWAEthereumCreating digital identities for communities in underdeveloped countries on the blockchain.Visit
IDMoney ICOIDMoneyIDMEthereumPlatform to monetize personal information sharingVisit
Ignite RATINGSIGNTEthereumDecentralised investment information and trading platformVisit
IGT Crypto logoIGT-CryptoIGTEthereumP2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
IHT Real Estate ProtocalIHTIHTGlobal Real Estate Blockchain Cloud PlatformVisit
ImmVRse logoImmVRseIMVREthereumP2P platform for sharing VR content.Visit
IMMLAIMLEthereumMultimodal TransportationRead More
Impak logoImpakWavesEthereumPlatform for supporting eco and environmentally-friendly businesses.Visit
Impetus One logoImpetus OneNUDGEEthereumInteractive reward-based P2P advertising platform.Visit
IncentINCENTWavesMerchant SolutionVisit
INCX logoINCXINCXEthereumScalable, SEC-compliant cryptocurrency exchange platfrom.Visit
indaHash ico indaHashIDHEthereumAn award-winning app which connects over 300k influencersVisit
Infinitum CoinInfinitum coinNot specifiedDesigned to merge the virtual world with the physical worldVisit
Ingot ICOIngot CoinICIngot blockchainCrypto- and fiat currency investment and trading platform.Visit
Inlock logoInlockILKEthereumP2P transactions on the blockchain.Visit
INS ico INS EcosystemINSEthereumThe grocery industry, reinvented Read More
Insights NetworkINSTAREthereumA decentralized market research platformVisit
IATokenInstant Assets TokensIATEthereumReal Estate trading and transactions on the blockchain.Visit
Instoken logoInstokenINSTAEthereumDecentralized P2P & B2P financial services marketplace.Visit
Intellium ico IntelliumINTLEthereumThe first crypto-backed investment oriented R&D platformVisit
internet of coinsInternet of CoinsHYBRIDBlockchainPersonal Finance ManagementVisit
Investa logoInvestaINVEthereumCompletely transparent crypto-investment platform.Visit
InvestFeed logoinvestFeedIFTEthereumSocial network and exchange platform for crypto-enthusiats.Visit
Invox FinanceINVOXEthereumA decentralized P2P lending platform.Visit
iOliteiLTFAEAutonomous blockchain-based smart contracts.Visit
IOTA NetworkIOTAMIOTATangle NetworkA New Type of Decentralized Distributed Ledger.Read More
IoTeXIoTeXIOTXEthereumA Platform for the Creation of IoT TrackersRead More
IP Sharing ExchangeIPSXEthereumDistributed network layerVisit
Irene ICOIreneTellusStellarPersonalized energy supply on the Stellar blockchain.Visit
Iryo ICOIryo NetworkIRYO EOSA blockchain-based global healthcare network.Visit
iShookSHKEthereumeBooks with Social Media all in OneVisit
Istrium logoIstriumISMEthereumIntuitive blockchains development platform.Visit
IUNGO NetworkINGEthereumGlobal Wireless Internet ProviderVisit
Ixtus logoIxtusIXEEthereumDecentralized edutainment platform for children.Visit
Jet8Jet8J8TEthereumDecentralized Marketing Platform for Digital AdvertisingRead More
JiojioMe logoJiojioMeJCASHEthereumdApp-specific token for the JiojioMe gaming platform.Visit
Joint VenturesJOINTEthereumA decentralized market platform for online publishers.Visit
Joy TokenJOYEthereumAn infrastructure protocal for the gaming industry.Visit
JSEcoin logoJSEcoinJSEEthereumLow-energy cryptocurrency mined on mobile devices.Visit
Jullar logoJullarJULEthereumBlockchain project to protect investors from fraudulent ICOsVisit
Jury onlineJury OnlineJOTEthereumThe future of dispute resolution Visit
KSYS ICOK Systems (KSYS)KSYSEthereumdApp development platform for the Ethereum blockchain.Visit
KairosKPKAIROS PROTOCOLA blockchain-based face recognition biometrics platform Visit
Kakushin logoKakushinKKNEthereumCrowdfunding and networking platform for entrepreneurs on the blockchain.Visit
KASH logoKashKASHEthereumA real-world hardware wallet with a compatible e-wallet for cryptocurrencies.Visit
Kepler Technologies ICOKepler Technologies KEPEthereumCrowdfunding and development platform for AI projects.Visit
KickCityKCYEthereumDecentralized reward based event platformVisit
Kirik logoKirikKRKIOTA & EthereumSemantic smart contract protocols for inter-blockchain transactions.Visit
Kleros logoKlerosPNKEthereumDispute arbitration platform powered by blockchain.Visit
Konios logoKoniosKONKonios BlockchainAnonymous, secure cyrpto and fiat exchange platform.Visit
KriptKRPTEthereumA decentralized mobile app to invest in crypto assetsVisit
Kryll ICOKryllKRLEthereumA decentralized crypto-trading strategy platform and dApp marketplace.Visit
Kyc legal ico KYC.LegalKYCEthereumBlockchain Identity VerificationVisit
LABOLABOLABOAn open source blockchain messenger launed in JapanVisit
LabrysLABEthereumBringing bonds to blockchainVisit
Laccoin logoLaccoinLACEthereumA decentralized P2P transaction, loan and investment solution for South America.Visit
Lambda logoLambdaLAMBEthereumCloud storage solution for dApps.Visit
LampixPIXEthereumImage Mining Crowdsourcing DataVisit
LaneAxis logoLaneAxisAXISEthereumLogistics and transportation blockchain solution for the trucking industry.Visit
LapoLAPOLAPO BlockchainDecentralized financial platform based on the LAPO stable-coin.Visit
LareCoin ICOLareCoinLAREEthereumP2P cryptocurrency for scholarships and education paymentsVisit
LatiumLatiumLATXEthereumDirect the internet to your causeVisit
LeadRex logoLeaadRexLDXEthereumLead generation solutions for the marketing industry.Visit
leap ico LEAPLEAPEthereumeSports funding platformRead More
LendingblockLNDEthereumP2P cryptocurrency and digital assets lending platform on the blockchain.Read More
lendoit token saleLendoitLOANEthereumThe Next Generation of Decentralized P2P Lending PlatformsRead More
Leonardo logoLeonardoLEOSEthereumDecentralized supercomputer for graphical rendering.Visit
LetBetLBTEthereumA trustless and borderless blockchain based casinoVisit
LevelNet ico LevelNetLVLEthereumA peer to peer cyber protection networkVisit
leviarcoinLeviarCoinXLCLeviarCoinBrowser and Mobile GamesVisit
lh crypto ico tokensaleLH Crypto#LHCoinEthereumA token with monthly income from operational activitiesVisit
Litenett logoLitenettLNTEthereumSocial network with integrated decentralized payment system.Visit
Lipchain logoLipchainLPSEthereumAll-encompassing networking and sponsorship platform for the surfer community.Visit
liskLiskLSKLiskDecentralized Application & SidechainVisit
LIVE EDUEDUEthereumDecentralized live and video learning platformVisit
LookRev logoLookRevLOOKEthereumSecure, registered storage and tranactions of creatives by content creators.Visit
Loopring ICOLoopringLRCEthereumA p2p exchange protocol to ease transaction on decentralized exchange platforms.Read More
Lovar logoLovarLVAEthereumCryptocurrency investment platform powered by AI.Visit
LoyaltyTokenLYTWavesThe decentralized (DAO) loyalty ecosystemVisit
lucyd ico LucydLCDEthereumBuilding the first prescription-ready smart glassesRead More
LuxcessLXCEthereumAn investment found with zero commission and life time rewards for contributorsVisit
lydian ico LydianLDNEthereumA marketing platform for the blockchain communityVisit
lykkeLykkeLKKBitcoinGlobal MarketplaceVisit
Lynked.World logoLynked.WorldLYNKEthereumSecure, decentralized platform for digital personal ID and documentation authentication.Visit
Maestro logoMaestroMAEEthereumDecentralized music streaming platform.Visit
maidsafeMaidSafeCoinMAIDOmniStorage and Communications NetworkVisit
Mandala logoMandalaMDXEthereumPlatform aimed at introducing cryptocurrencies and trading to the masses.Visit
MapCoin logoMapCoinMAPEthereumAI-powered data monetisation platform for mapping for the autonomous vehicle industry.Visit
MarkSpace ICOMarket.SpaceMRKEthereum3D-rendering of objects and VR spaces on the blockchain.Visit
Matchroom ICOMatchroomMRTEthereumE-gaming platform and in-game market for the Asian gaming community. Read More
Mavin icoMavinMVNEthereumA reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchainVisit
MBYS ICOMBYSMESHEthereumP2P networking and recruiting blockchain-based platform.Visit
Measurable Data TokenMDTEthereumDecentralized Data Exchange EconomyVisit
MediBond logoMediBondMEDIEthereumData storage and distribution solution for the medical industry.Visit
MedicalchainMedTokenEthereumA blockchain for electronic health recordsVisit
MedicoHealth ICOMedicoHealthMHPEthereumDecentralized telemedicine and mobile health through the blockchain.Visit
Medipedia logoMedipediaMEPEthereum & EOSDecentralized medical tourism on the blockchain.Visit
Meerkat logoMeerkatMCTEthereumCryptocurrency and networking dApp for tourists and participating merchants.Visit
MeetnGreetMeWELEthereumCustom-tailored travel experiences through the blockchain.Visit
Membrana logoMembranaMBNEthereumDecentralized platform for P2P cryptocurrency investments.Visit
Memority logoMemorityEMTEthereumDecentralized secure cloud-storage solution.Visit
Menlo One logoMenlo OneMETTownHallA blockchain development framework.Visit
Merculet ICOMerculetMVPEthereumMonetization of internet user attention via the blockchain. Visit
Metabase logoMetabaseMETAMetabase Blockchain2nd-gen blockchain for dApp development.Visit
MetalMTLEthereumDigital CurrencyVisit
MetaverseETPMetaverseSmart Properties and Digital IdentitiesVisit
Me Token logoMe TokenMETEthereumDecentralized content creation platform.Visit
MetronomeMETEthereumA cross-chain cryptocurrencyVisit
MIBMOSSmartXA new low power-cost mining blockchain.Visit
miBoodle logomiBoodleMIBOEthereumReward-based advertising on social networks.Visit
Midas logoMidas ProtocolMASEthereumAutonomous platform for crypto-investment and management.Visit
MillionCoin logoMillion CoinMONEthereumMulti-currency exchange and e-commerce platform.Visit
Miner One ICOMiner OneMIOEthereumCryptocurrency mining operation on the Ethereum blockahin.Visit
minervaMinervaOWLEthereumSmart money on the Ethereum blockchainVisit
Minery logoMineryMNRYEthereumThe largest mining compound in Russia that's completely legal.Visit
minexcoinMinexCoinMNCBlockchainGlobal Payment SystemVisit
mira icoMiraMIRAMIRANETA straightforward cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
MoBee ICOMoBeeMBEEthereumDecentralized solution to global mobile telecommunication.Visit
mobligoMobileGOMGOBlockchainMobile Game StoreVisit
Mobilink logoMobilinkMLKEthereumFree mobile data in exchange for ad-views.Visit
Mobilum ICOMobilumMBMEthereumCryptocurenncy payments thorough any credit cardVisit
Modex token saleModexMDXEthereumSmart contract marketplaceVisit
monaco icoMonacoMCOEthereumVisa CardRead More
Monaco ICOMonaco EstateMESTEthereumCryptocurrency real-estate investment in Monaco.Visit
Monarch logoMonarchMTEthereumCryptocurrency payments dApp and eWallet.Visit
Monoreto logoMonoretoMNREthereumSocial marketing platform where users can monetize their likes.Visit
moolyacoin logomoolyacoinMOOLYAEthereumA networking and job marketplace platform for the startup industry.Visit
Moonlight logoMoonlightLUXNEOJob marketplace and recruitment platform.Visit
Moozicore logoMoozicoreMZIEthereumPlatform for the decentralized distribution of background music.Visit
MosslandMOCEthereumMobile device augmented reality (AR) game that integrates real locations.Visit
MoveCo ICOMoveCoMOVEthereumTransportation AI development through decentralized data- sharing.Visit
MoxyOneSPENDEthereumA cryptocurrency credit cards for everyday use.Visit
Muxe logoMuxeMUXEEthereumAll-inclusive real-estate sales, rentals and consultancy platform.Visit
MYDFS ICOMyDFSMyDFSEthereumFantasy sports powered by the blockchain.Visit
mysterium networkMysterium NetworkMYSTEthereumRent Unused Network TrafficRead More
Nagricoin ICONagriCoinNGRXEthereumBiotechnology investment opportunity supported by smart-contracts.Read More
nametoken logoNametokenNATEthereumDecentralized marketplace for domain names.Visit
Narrative token sale NarrativeNRVENEOAn ecosystem that rewards content creatorsVisit
naive video box ico Native Video BoxNVBEthereumDecentralized video advertising platform based on machine learningRead More
nau ico NAU NAUEthereumA platform that directly connects retailers with customersRead More
Nauticus ICONauticusNTSEthereumRegistered crypto and fiat currency platform.Visit
Ncrypto logoNcryptoNCREthereumCryptocurrency exchange and storage platform.Visit
ncloud ICOn'cloud.swissNCUEthereumBuild-your-own cloud platform and dApp marketplace on the blockchainVisit
Neironix logoNeironixNRXEthereumInvestment risk evaluations on a decentralized platform.Visit
Neuluns logoNelunsNLSEthereumDecentralized bank and FinEx platform for both crypto and fiat currencies.Visit
NEX logoNeon Exchange (NEX)NEXNEODecentralized payment and transfer and cryptocurrency exchange solution.Visit
Netscouter logoNetscoutersOUTEthereumCrowdfunding platform for children's football teams.Visit
NextPakk logoNextPakkPakkaStellarCoordinated, timely package-delivery through the blockchain.Read More
Nickelcoin ICONickelcoinNKLBancorBlockchain-based customer reward program Visit
Nobar logoNobarNBREthereumMultipurpose solution for direct crypto-payments from P2P to B2C to POS , salaries and more.Visit
NodeNODEEthereumIntelligent technology for wireless energyVisit
Noia ICONoia NetworkNOIAEthereumFast and scalable content delivery on the blockchain. Visit
Nousplatform platformNousplatform (Aivia)NOUS EthereumInvestment funds for crypto-assets.Visit
NTOK logoNTOKNTOKEthereumP2P education platform for tutors and students.Visit
nvoNVONVOTCounterpartyWallet and ValidatorVisit
NWP ICONWP SolutionNWPEthereumReward-based medical network on the blockchain.Visit
Nynjacoin ICONynjacoinNYNEthereumSocial media dApp and crypto-exchange platform.Visit
Obrium ICOObriumOBREthereumSecure Internet browser powered by blockchain.Visit
Observer logoObserverOBSREthereumMonetizing weather-related data-sharing through the blockchain.Visit
Obsidian PlatformODNStratisEnd to End Anonymous Messaging and File SharingVisit
Ocean ProtocolOCNOcean NetworkA Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AIVisit
ODEMODEMEthereumPlatform enabling affordable premium educationVisit
OfferZone logoOfferZoneOFZEthereumGlobally accessible decentralized e-commerce bidding platform for both new and pre-owned goods, and services.Visit
OFNOG ICOOFNOGOFNOGEthereumDeep Learning and AI powered crypto-trading platform.Visit
Ojooo logoOjoooOJXEthereumViewership reward platform for incentivized advertising.Visit
OLXA ICOOLXAOLXAEthereumA cryptocurrency for both real- and -digital world fast, low-fee transactions.Visit
OmnitudeECOMHyperledgerAn eCommerce platform built on the Hyperledger blockchainVisit
Onasander logoOnasanderONAEthereumFully legal US-based decentralized investment bank.Visit
Chek ICOOne +1 (Chek)ChekEthereum/GetoneLoyalty and promo programs on the blockchain.Visit
onegramOneGramOGCOneGramGold backed CryptocurrencyVisit
Online logoOnlineOIOEthereumA decentralized, secure, and ad-free internetVisit
onplaceOnplaceOPLBlockchainEquity Crowdfunding PlatformVisit
Open Assets logoOpenAssetsOPAEthereumAn open ecosystem for attracting ICO investmentsVisit
openanxopenANXOAXEthereumDecentralized ExchangeVisit
OPN ICOOpen Packaging NetworkOPKEthereumDecentralized marketplace and IoT system for vendors, buyers, and all other participants in the courier industry.Visit
OpenZenZNTEthereumDesktop application as an alternative to browserVisit
Onasander logoOnasanderONAEthereumFully legal US-based decentralized investment bank.Visit
Opet Foundation logoOpet FoundationOPETHyperledger/EthereumPhilanthropic blockchain-based platform for student data storage and authentication in the education sector.Visit
Opiria ICOOpiriaPDATAEthereumMonetizing personal browsing data brokerage on the blockchain.Visit
OPP ICOOPP Open WiFiOPPEthereumMonetize unused mobile data on a wifi-hosting blockchain platform.Visit
OpportyOPPEthereumA Proof-of Expertise B2B data platform on the blockchain.Visit
OPU Labs logoOPU LabsOPUEthereumP2P networking and sales for skincare concerns on the blockchain. Visit
Origin TrailTRACEEthereumEmpowering quality food through transparencyVisit
Origami NetworkORIEthereumDecentralized P2p marketplaces with blockchain-based escrow paymentsVisit
ORSGroup ICOORS GroupORSEthereumMonetizing AI data through hypersmart contracts.Visit
OSA logoOSAOSAEthereumAutonomous marketplace for up-to-date data for the retail industry.Visit
0xcert logo0xcertZXCEthereumIoT platform for digital assets.Visit
PantosPANPantos BlockchainA token with multi-blockchain functionality.Visit
Papusha ICOPapusha Rocket Technology PRTEthereumDecentralized IoT platform for the production, refining and tracking of fuel.Visit
Parkres logoParkresPARKEthereumParking reservations through the blockchain.Visit
ParagonPRGEthereumBlockchain-based platform aimed at promoting regulations and transparency for the cannabis industry.Visit
Parkres logoParkresPARKEthereumParking reservations through the blockchain.Visit
Parsec FrontiersPRSCEthereumMMO game with a virtual galaxy blockchainVisit
patientoryPatientoryPTOYEthereumElectronic Medical Record StorageRead More
patron ico Patron PATEthereumA one stop shop for social media influencers worldwide.Visit
PavoCoin ICOPavoCoinPAVOEthereumIoT blockchain-based platform for the cannabis market.Visit
Payera logoPayeraPERAEthereumReal-world crypto-payment intermediary platform and hardware wallet.Visit
Paygine logoPayginePGCEthereumDecentralizing the banking industry with cryptocurrency.Visit
payportal ICOPayPortalPPTL EthereumService and bill payments for the Indian economy on the blockchain.Visit
paypro token salePayProPIPEthereumDecentralized financial marketplaceVisit
Paytomat ICOPaytomatPTMWAVESA platform for cryptocurrency-based transactions and reward programs.Visit
Pearl Pay logoPearlPayPRLPAYKomodoDecentralized payment solution for the Philippines.Visit
PecunioPCOEthereumDecentralized investment platform that focuses on blue-chip blockchain assetsVisit
PeerityPEERTendermintA social activity networkVisit
PentaFund logoPentaCorePENTEthereumCryptocurrency investment management service.Visit
PEP NetworkPEPEthereumPersonalized emoticons on the blockchain.Visit
PersonaPRSEthereumA solution for digital identity managementVisit
Peur ICOPeurPURCEthereumMarketplace connecting good and service providers with buyers on a secure, decentralized platform. Visit
Photochain logoPhotochainPHTEthereumP2P marketplace for photographers.Visit
PHI ICOPHItokenPHIEthereumA hybrid investment platform on the blockchain.Read More
Pigzbe logoPigzbeWLOEthereumA hardware crypto-wallet for children's pocket-money.Visit
Pillar ProjectPLREthereumData LockerVisit
PlaceToRent logoPlaceToRentPTRTEthereumDecentralized rental platform for both residential and commercial propertiesVisit
play to live ico crowdsalePlay 2 LiveLUCEthereumStreaming platform for gamers and esports fansVisit
PlayBetsPLTEthereumDecentralized platform with Mass Gambling GamesVisit
PocketinnsPINNSEthereumA decentralized community driven marketplace ecosystemVisit
ICO Update – Jun 24 2017PolybiusPLBTEthereumBlockchain BankVisit
PolySwarmNCTEthereumA decentralized marketplace for threat protectionVisit
PopChest logoPopChestPOPEthereumDecentralized P2P video sharing platform for content creators.Visit
PotentiamPotentiamPTMEthereumThe Decentralized Music Collaboration PlatformRead More
Power Ledger ICOPower LedgerPOWREthereumDecentralized, Peer-to-Peer Energy-SharingRead More
Prether ICOPretherPTHEthereumA cryptocurrency backed by precious metals.Read More
PSF ICOPrime Shipping Foundation PSFEthereumCross-border payment network for the shipping industry.Visit
PrimEx logoPrimExPEXWavesRetial investment and purchasing platform for Panama.Visit
Aiur logoProject AiurAIUREthereumAuthenticated scientific research on the blockchain.Visit
prospectorsProspectorsOBTEthereumMultiplayer Online GameVisit
Publica logoPublica PBLEthereumPayment solution for the publishing industry.Visit
Quantler logoQuantlerQUANTEthereumAI powered investment funds on the blockchain.Visit
quantumQuantum ResistantQRLBlockchainSecure LedgerVisit
Quantor ICOQuantorQNTEthereumDecentralized investment and P2P algorithm for crypto-advisement platform.Visit
Quarteria logoQuarteriaPROQNEOProperty escrow platform for sales and rentals on a global scale.Visit
Qurrex ICOQurrexQRXEthereumBlockchain-based crypto-exchange platform.Visit
RateDate ico Rate DateRDTEthereumA dating siteVisit
Rateonium logoRateoniumRTCEthereumVerified anonymous P2P restaurant, company and product reviews and rewards platform.Visit
Ravelous logoRavelousRAVEEthereumeCommerce platform for the cryto-community.Visit
RAVN logoRAVNKRXStellarEncrypted P2P messaging and cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain.Visit
RAWG logoRAWGRAWGEthereumE-gaming referral and reward platform on the blockchain.Visit
RazoomRazoomRZMPEthereumPlatform for the standardization of smart contracts.Visit
realisto ico tokensale crowdsawl information Realisto REAEthereumDecentralized and borderless real estate investing crowdfunding platform.Visit
RealtyReturns logoRealtyReturnsRRTEthereumCryptocurrency-based real estate investment for the global economy.Visit
Redcab logoRedcabREDCEthereumP2P transportation platform on the blockchain.Visit
Red Pulse ICO Red PulseRPXNEOAn intelligence and content ecosystem for China marketsRead More
Refereum ico token saleRefereumRFREthereumWatch, play & share games to earn points and tokens.Visit
REGO ICOREGOREGOEthereumOffshore real estate investment on the blockchain.Visit
reftoken ico RefTokenREFEthereumThe world's first decentralized affiliate platformVisit
Remechain icoRemechainiRMCEthereumA marketplace for trading of secondary metalsVisit
RemmeREMEthereumReplacing passwords with the distributed authentication.Visit
Rentberry ico RentberryBERRYEthereumDecentralized home rental platformVisit
Reos logoReosREOSEthereumDecentralized platform for monetization of personal content.Visit
Reporter CommunityNEWSEthereumBlockchain Based Fake News Killer UGC PlatformVisit
Republia logoRepubliaRPBRepublia BlockchainSecure data storage, transactions and user arbitration on the blockchain.Visit
RepuXRepuXEthereum or EOSAn enterprise blockchain protocalVisit
Retainly_icoRetainlyRETNEthereumThe first marketing platform to tokenize rewardsVisit
Requitix ICORequitixRQXEthereumSecure banking solution on the Ethereum blockchain offering reduced fees.Visit
RevenYou logoRevenYOUYOUEthereumDecentralized automated investment app across multiple trading instruments, incl. cryptos, FinEx and shares.Visit
Review Network ICOReview.NetworkREWEthereumMarket reviews and research on the blockchain.Visit
Rhea TokenRhea TokenRHEAWebsite downOptions Trading platform with quarterly dividendRead More
Rialto logoRialtoXRLEthereumCryptocurrency investment platform.Visit
RightMeshRMESHEthereumEnabling developers to retrofit existing mobile applications and build new, P2P mesh applicationsVisit
RiseCoin logoRiseCoinRSCTEthereumDigitizing textbooks for P2P tutoring on the blockchain.Visit
Robotina ICORobotinaROXEthereumOptimizing energy consumption and costs through the blockchain.Visit
RockChain logoRockChainROKEthereumDecentralized cloud storage.Visit
Romad logoRomad Endpoint DefenseRBDTEthereumAntivirus software with proof-of-work fee-charges protocol.Visit
RootProjectROOTSEthereumTax-subsidized cryptocurrencyVisit
ROOMDAO ICOROOMDAORDCEthereumA marketplace for all-purpose decentralized travel arrangements.Visit
Rouge ICORougeRGEEthereumDigitized coupons on the blockchain.Visit
roundRoundROUNDEthereumeSports Gaming Platform
ROUTEcoinRCEthereumThe self-described  future of communicationsVisit
Rubius logoRubiusRUBYEthereumCryptocurrency exchange platform, e-wallet and payment solution.Visit
Run2PlayRUNEthereumRewarding exercise activity on the Ethereum blockchain.Visit
Rxeal RXLEthereumA real estate investment platform built on blockchain techVisit
Safeguard token logoSafeguardSGTNEODanger alerts for real-life work-related safety risks.Visit
SafeKeetSKTEthereumCreating a secure digital safe deposit box for everyone Visit
Safinus logoSafinusSAFEthereumP2P advisory and investment platform for the crypto-community.Visit
salt ico token sale Salt LendingSALTEthereumBlockchain Backed LoansRead More
SamBanx logoSamBanxSAMEthereumCryptocurrency banking on a mobile dAppVisit
SandblockSATEthereumA decentralized protocol to define, measure and improve customer satisfaction.Visit
santimentSantimentSANEthereumManage Trading RiskVisit
SapienSPNEthereumA highly customizable democratized news platr=formVisit
Sarf logoSarfXRFStellarSecure and scalable cryptocurrency transaction platform.Visit
Scanetchain logoScanetchainSWCNEMAR development on the on the NEM blockchainVisit
srScorumSCRScorumSports optimized blogging platform that rewards active usersVisit
ScriniumSCREthereumThe future of portfolio investmentVisit
Securix logoSecurixSRXIOEthereumEco-friendly crypto-mining endeavor.Visit
Selfi Go logoSelfie GOSGOEthereumAR selfie game and social network on the blockchains.Visit
SelfKeyKEYEthereumSelf-sovereign identity to instantly and securely access global financial servicesVisit
Sentinel ICOSentinel ProtocolUPPThreat Reputation DatabaseA security protocol for the blockchain.Visit
ShareRing ICOShareRingSHRShareLedgerItem-lending blockchain-based platform with token payments.Visit
shape capital icoSharpe CapitalSHPEthereumEarn Ether for your opinion about equity markets and Blockchain assets. Visit
ShelterDAO logoShelterDAOSHELNEMDecentralized real estate transactions.Visit
Shipit logoShipitSHPTEthereumP2P express delivery platform through travelers.Read More
SHOP ICOSHOPSHOPEthereumE-commerce protocol and marketplace platform based on smart contracts.Visit
Shopibloc ICOShopiblocSHBEthereumSaaS allowing businesses to sell and transact consumer goods with their own cryptocurrency.Visit
shping coinShpingSHPINGEthereumA new cryptocurrency for shopper marketing and rewardsRead More
Sidera logoSideraeQUOSEthereumCold-storage e-wallets as wearable devices.Visit
sgn tokenSignals NetworkSGNEthereumMarketplace of data science powered signals for tradingRead More
sikobaSikobaSKO1EthereumMoney PlatformVisit
Silent logoSilentCHFEthereumRenewable energy production, storage and transactions on the blockchain.Visit
SimdaqSMQEthereumA platform for cryptotrading democratization and developementVisit
Simply Vital HealthHLTHEthereumA blockchain based healthcare platformVisit
SingularDTVSingularDTVSNGLSEthereumProduction and Distribution of Film Visit
Singularity ICOSingularityNETAGIEthereuma Decentralized Self-Organizing Co-operative platform Visit
SIOcoinSIOcoinSIOEthereumCoal ash recycling through the blockchain.Visit
Skillchain logoSkillchainSKIEthereumCV and skill verification platform powered by blockchain.Visit
SkrapsSKRPEthereumInvest your spare change into cryptocurrenciesVisit
Slate logoSlateSLXSlateChainDecentralized platform for the entertainment industry.Visit
Sleekplay ICOSleekplaySKPEthereumMonetization of excess computing power for long-session dApps.Visit
Smart City logoSmart City EnterpriseCITYEthereumAutonomous sales, CRM and tendering networking platform for B2B transactions.Visit
Smart Containers logoSmart Containers SMARCLOGI CHAINIoT tracking for freight and transport containers powered by blockchain.Visit
Smart Trip Platform logoSmart Trip PlatformTASHEthereumBlockchain-based for the travel and tourism industry.Visit icoSmartRE SREEthereumTockenized Real Estate on the BlockchainRead More
SnagRideMILEEthereumDecentralized AI ride sharing application on the Ethereum blockchainVisit
SocialXSOCXEthereumA decentralized social networkVisit
Solve CareCANEthereumA blockchain-based healthcare platformVisit
Soferox logoSoferoxSFXSoferox BlockchainCryptocurrency exchange and networking platform.Visit
Solidified logoSolidifiedSOLIDEthereumBlockchain and dApp code-auditing company.Visit
sonmSONM NetworkSPTEthereumWorldwide Fog ComputerFull Profile
SonoCoinSNCEthereumThe first audible cryptocurrencyVisit
sohpia tx ico informationSophia TXSPHTXEthereumBlockchain Platform/Marketplace integrating business apps & solutions to collaborative environmentsVisit
SPARC logoSPARCSPARCEthereumA decentralized supercomputer.Visit
Spectivvr Spectiv SIGEthereumOpen-source protocol to decentralize attention marketsRead More
SphereSATEthereumA decentralized social network built on privacy, company transparency, and data securityVisit
eth securitySphreXIDHyperledgerImproving Legacy SystemsRead More
Spindle ICOSpindleSPDEthereumCryptocurrency investment and management platform.Visit
Spokkz logoSpokkzSPKZEthereumDecentralized video entertainment funded and voted for by platform users themselves.Visit
SportsFix logoSportsFixSFEthereumDecentralized platform for live-streaming sports events.Visit
SqirtSQREthereumA decentralized webcam portal for adultsVisit
SqueezerSQZEthereumCreate blockchain apps like a proVisit
Star Bit logoStar BitSBTEthereumCryptocurrency exchange platform powered by EthereumVisit
Starta logoStartaSTAWavesExposing Eastern Europian tech companies to the US market.Visit
Stash logoStashSTPEthereumA cryptocurrency for the real worldVisit
statusStatusTM-STATUSEthereumMobile Client TargetingVisit
STAY logoSTAYSTAYEthereumDashboard for ICO startups.Visit
Stockchain GlobalSTCEthereumImproving how financial assets are bought, managed, and soldVisit
Stop the FakesSTFEtheruemAn anti-counterfeit and copyright blockchain based service.Visit
Storeplex logoStoreplexPLEXEthereumDecentralized e-commerce platform for bothproducts and services.Visit
storjStorjSJCXCounterpartyCloud StorageFull Profile
STORM TokenStorm TokenSTORMEthereumDecentralized platform to gamify the work experience.Full Profile
upcoming inital coin offeringStreamitySTMEthereumDecentralized cryptocurrency exchange.Visit
Sudan Gold Coin logoSudan Gold CoinSGCEthereumFake ICO for Sudan Gold CoinVisit
SVPER logoSVPERSVPEthereumSocial networking via live geo-location based video-feeds Visit
Swarm FundSwarm FundSWMEthereumCooperative ownership platform for real assetsRead More
swissbord ico SwissBorgCHSBEthereumThe New Era of Crypto Wealth ManagementRead More
SwissRealCoin ICOSwissRealCoinSRCEthereumDecentralized real estate asset management.Visit
Switcheo NetworkSWHNEOA NEP-5 Decentralized Exchange platform for the NEO blockchain ecosystemVisit
Swytch logoSwytchSETSwytch BlockchainA platform for reducing global carbon emission.Visit
SynapseSYNEthereumAI economies on the blockchainVisit
SyncfabMFGEthereumSupply chain management tool to procure, track and organize your local parts productionVisit
Synchrolife logoSynchroLifeSYCEthereumRestaraunt recommendation platform on the blockchain.Visit
SYNTHESTECHSTTEthereumTechnology for synthesis of precious metalsVisit
SBC ICOSystem Bit Consulting (SBC)SBCEEthereumAutonomous platform for developing and launching ICOs.Visit
Tachain logoTachainTCHNEthereumTransport services and rating platform on the blockchain.Visit
Taklimakan NetworkTKLNEthereumA blockchain investment platformVisit
Talao ICOTalaoTALAOEthereumDecentralized low-fee platform for freelancers.Visit
TAO Token ICOTao NetworkTAOTaoBlockchain Public UtilityVisit
TaskfairTaskfairEthereumBlockchain-powered ecosystem for home service on demand platforms and gig economy marketplaces.Visit
Tedchain logoTedchainTEDEthereumDecentralizied ecosystem for the gaming community.Visit
TE-FOODTFDEthereumFood Quality and Supply Ecosystem for Emerging MarketsVisit
Ton Telegram ICOTelegramGRAMTONScalable and secure social messaging on the blockchain Visit
TenX walletTenXPAYCOMITA cryptocurrency storage, exchange and asset-transaction platform with real-world utility.Visit
Ternio ICOTernioTERNHyperledgerDigital advertising solution on the blockchain.Visit
Ternion icoTernionTRNEthereumLicensed exchange platform for for both crypto and fiat currencies.Visit
tetherTetherUSDTOmniFiat Currencies on BlockchainRead More
TezosXTZTezosSmart Contract PlatformVisit
The AbyssABYSSEthereumNext-Generation Game PlatformRead More
The KeyTKYNEOA decentralized ecosystem for identity varificationVisit
Thrive ICOThriveTHRTThrive BlockchainA Peer-to-Peer Digital Advertising PlatformRead More
ICO Updates – July 27, 2017TierionTNTEthereumA Universal Platform for Verifiable DataRead More
TIM logoTIMTIMTIM BlockchainP2P money transfers through a decentralized, scalable ledger Visit
TimeBox ICOTimeBoxTBEthereumCloud storage and data sharing on the blockchain.Visit
Tipo logoTipoTPOEthereumEcommerce platform fo both B2P and P2P transactions.Visit
Tixguru logoTixguruTIXEthereumAutomatized cryptocurrency investment portfolios.Visit
ToexCoin logoToexCoinTOEXEthereumRisk management and insurance solution for the cryptocurrency community.Visit
Token Changer ICOToken ChangerTOCEthereumdApp development platform for the crypto-financing industry. Visit
Tolar HashNET logoTolar HashNETTOLAdria blockchainBlockchain offering highly scalable PoS protocol for transactions.Visit
Topex logoTopexTPXEthereumAutomated corrective exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.Visit
TopiaCoinTOPIAEthereumA data security layer for Dapps.Visit
Trackr logoTracker (CryptoInsight)TKREthereumA cryptocurrency portfolio peformance tracker.Visit
Tradelize ICOTradelizeTDZEthereumCryptocurrency exchange platform for protraders and and investors.Visit
TradePlayzTPZEthereumA platform for competing in skilled video game competitionsVisit
TravelBlock ICOTravelBlockTRVLEthereumLow-fees travel plans on the blockchain.Visit
TravelerToken ICOTraveler TokenTLTEthereumFaster,simplified, affordable travel on the blockchain.Visit
Trecento logoTrecento Blockchain CapitalTOTEthereumAll-in-one investment platform on the blockchain.Visit
TrenditTNDEthereumA social media platform that pays content creators in cryptocurrencyVisit
Trends Project ICOTrend ProjectTRNDEthereumAI-powered trading analysis on the blockchain.Visit
Treon ICOTreonTREONEthereunUtility payments through the blockchainVisit
Trial TokensTTEthereumCrowd sources litigation funding on the blockchainRead More
TrigID logoTrigIDIDEthereumAuthenticated IDs on the blockchain.Visit
Trilliant logoTrilliantTRILEthereumInvestment platform for tokenized cryptocurrency ATMsVisit
TrustedCars logoTrustedCars FlexFLEXEthereumCombining car-dealerships with car rentals on the blockchain.Visit
TTC ICOTTC ProtocolTTCEthereumA decentralized social network protocol for reward-based P2P advertising. Visit
TutellusTUTNEMReinventing education through blockchain technologyRead More
TV-TWO ICOTV-TWOTTVEthereumBlockchain-based platform where viewers are paid to watch TV.Visit
Typerium logoTyperiumTYPEEthereumSecure P2P platform for decentralized content creation and sharing.Visit
tZero logotZeroTZROEthereumStock and crytocurrency exchange platform.Visit
ubanx logoUbanxBANXEthereumA physical bank for crypto-banking.Visit
Ubcoin ICOUbcoinUBCEthereumP2P real-world product marketplace on the blockchain.Visit
Ubex ICOUbexUBEXEthereumAI-powered personalized Ad- exchange and placement platform.Visit
Ubiatar ICOUbiatarPlayUACEthereumP2P decentralized social marketplace to hire a living avatar to act on your behalf.Visit
Unboxed logoUnboxedNBOXEthereumP2P social marketing reward platform.Visit
UChain logoUChainUCNUChain BlockchainAn international blockchain service for the sharing economy.Visit
Uncloak logoUcloakUNCEthereum and EOSBlockchain-based cyber-security platform.Visit
Unibright ICOUnibrightUBTEthereumDecentralized platform for the implementation business integration on the blockchain.Visit
Unikrn logoUnikrnUKGEthereumESports betting platform.Visit
Unitalent logoUnitalentTATEthereumTransparent job marketplace for the freelance community. Visit
Utemis logoUtemisUTSEthereumCryptocurrency for B@B transactions in Latin America.Visit
Utile logoUtile NetworkUTLEthereumDecentralized investment management for cryptocurrency assets.Visit
Utrum ICOUtrumOOTKomodoP2P cryptocurrency review, analysis and investment platform.Visit
Vanig logoVanigVNGEthereumIoT tracking and online marketplace for start-ups.Visit
VaultbankVBEthereumA global investment firm building a blockchain bankVisit
Vector Zilla logoVector ZillaVZTEthereumDecentralized, automated stock graphics platform.Visit
Vegan Nation logoVegan NationVCNEthereumP2P networking and sharing platform for the global vegan community.Visit
VeriDoc ICOVeriDocVDGEthereumQR code-encrypted document verification platform on the blockchain.Visit
Vertex logoVertexVTEXEthereumA cryptocurrency for ICO investments.Visit
VIBEHub PlatformVIBEHubVIBEEthereumA virtual and augmented reality platform based on the blockchain. Visit
Vibeo ICOVibeoVBEOEthereumBlockchain-based social media and messaging dApp.Visit
Viberate logoViberate VIBEthereumJob and content marketplace for musicians.Visit
Viddo logoViddoVDTEthereumDecentralized P2P pay-per-view video sharing platform.Visit
Viewo logoViewoVEOEthereumP2P blockchain-based video-sharing.Visit
Vikky platformVikky GlobalVIKEthereumDecentralized global geo-location job search platform for the service industry.Visit
ViMarketVITEthereumA virtual reality platform for experiencing virtual ownership before you buy.Read More
VinChainVINGrapheneFind, share and store food inspirationVisit
VINNDVINEthereumExpress blood tests and a decentralized intellegence databaseVisit
Vite logoViteVTEthereumGlobal, decentralized ride-sharing solution.Visit
VLBVLBEthereumA blockchain-based platform to track vehicle lifecyclesVisit
voiseVoiseVSMBlockchainMusic Streaming & DownloadingVisit
VolAir logoVolAirVOLEthereumCustomer loyalty program for the air-transportion industry.Visit
VoltGo logoVoltGoVoltGoEthereumElectric cars on the blockchain.Visit
VotesVOTESEthereumPlatform for taking votes on any levelVisit
VTOS logoVTOSVTOSEthereumAllowing users to monetize their social media content.Visit
VTUUR logoVTUURVTUUREthereumMobile dApp for VR and AR streaming.Visit
W12 ICOW12W12EthereumRisk mitigation protocol for ICO investmentsVisit
wagerrWagerrWGREthereumBetting BlockchainRead More
Waltonchain ICOWaltonchainWTCWaltonchainDecentralized RFID tag-tracking Visit
Woonkly logoWoonklyWNKEthereumMonetizing personal viewership and sharing of digital content.Visit
WBB ICOWorld Bit BankWBBEthereumLegal transcontinental cryptocurrency banking groupVisit
WPP ICOWPP EnergyWPPEthereumCash-back green energy program and products on the blockchain.Visit
XCHNG logoXCHNGXCHNGXCHNG BlockchainTransparent advertising platform for the digital economy.Visit
Xera logoXeraXERAEthereumSmooth, integrated cryptocurrency trading platform.Visit
Yezcoin logoYezcoinYEZNEOScalable, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.Visit
YINC logoYINCYINCEthereumdApp for both consumers and realtors.Visit
Zaza logoZazaZAZAEthereumB2B networking and payment dApp.Visit
Zerobank icoZeroBankZBEthereumP2P transaction and lending for the financial economy.Visit
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