balehu bucks ico

Balehu Bucks ICO

Empowering local merchants and consumers through blockchain technology

Balehu is creating an ecosystem that maintains unity between a local seller and buyer; it connects local merchants and patrons through simple and affordable technology.  By integrating intelligent technology, Balehu is marrying the merchant to the consumer through easy discovery.  As these Balehus become united, a digital cryptocurrency and rewards system, BalehuBucks, is needed to maintain that relationship by sustaining monetary transactions, reducing onboarding friction, and preserving loyalty.

Balehu Bucks ICO Details

Token BUX
Token Type Ethereum ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 2,500 BUX
Currencies Accepted ETH
ICO Start Date February 1, 2018
ICO Start Date March 1, 2018
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