Native Video Box ICO

The Opportunity

native video box token sale information
Significant part of the website owners has insufficient amount of quality and relevant video content on their projects. But they’d love to have such a content, because:

  • It means additional inventory in-stream video advertising, a rapidly growing part of digital advertisement.
  • It dramatically increases user experience (UX) metrics such as time user spent on page and whole site.

On the other hand, video content creators constantly looking for expanding of their audience especially beyond boundaries of YouTube and other video hostings.

The Solution

Native Video Box ecosystem offers a right solution for purposes described above. NVB delivers relevant video content to websites and solves all these tasks at once. Video content creators get free promotion (even more than free: part of ad revenue comes to them as a fee). Website owners get excellent recommendation system and additional video content with built in advertising demand while advertisers get first class inventory.

Native Video Box ecosystem resembles YouTube like crypto currencies resemble traditional banks. It is a cutting-edge native video platform which shares 75% of ad views revenue with video bloggers (15%) and webmasters (60%): with those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience. These values and transparency grants our network fast organic growth and highest inventory quality standards, which magnetically attract the advertisers.

NVB token is the currency of the service. It is Ethereum based token (ERC20).  All the transactions among system participants are conducted solely in tokens. To acquire ad impressions, advertiser needs to purchase NVB tokens.

Transparent revenue share is ensured by implementation of smart contracts. Advertisers’ money is converted into the tokens and redistributed in a maximally transparent way. NVB intelligently uses programmatic and native advertising together with blockchain technology to bring extra value to all of its users regardless of their status: website visitors, video content creators, website owners or advertisers.


Token Symbol NVB Token
Blockchain Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC20
Crowdsale Opens December 1, 2017
Crowdsale Ends Februrary 15, 2017
Crowdsale Hard Cap $15,000,000
Exchange Rate $1
Pre-Sale Yes

Early Bird Bonus Structure

  1. 1st of December to 5th of December
    Minimum amount of the purchase is $5000.
    50% discount to account for early investment is given, with 1 NVB token priced ETH equivalent of $0.5 instead of $1 (the exchange rate setting rule is to be defined).
  2. 6th of December to 15th of December.
    Minimum amount of the purchase is $1000.
    25% discount to account for early investment is given, with 1 NVB token priced ETH equivalent of $0.75 instead of $1 (the exchange rate setting rule is to be defined).


Allocation of tokens

Total token supply — 20 000 000 NVB;
Project team — 8% of all sold NVB tokens;
Advisors — 4% of all sold NVB tokens;
Bounty — 3% of all sold NVB tokens;
Referral program — 5% of all sold NVB tokens;
Token buyers— 80% of all issued NVB tokens;
Due to participation in the ICOS platform, Native Video Box must pay tokens to ICOBOX for the amount of 240 BTC worth.


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