leap tokensale LEAP is building the blockchain connecting fans, pro players, pro teams, sponsors, tournament organizers, and game publishers via smart contracts. LEAP will enable anyone to benefit from the growth of the virtual worlds, either as players, coaches, investors or simply fans and make video games and eSports as popular as football/soccer is.



Leap ICO – The Opportunity

Unlike traditional sports, much of the infrastructure and relationships between key stakeholders are missing in eSports. At the centre of any sports are the athletes. By competing publicly, they create entertainment, which is watched online and offline. Without enough athletes there is no sports entertainment. And without entertainment, there are not enough sponsors and advertisers devoting budgets, which in turn finance the formation of athletes. For eSports to become mainstream, we need to have an infrastructure to source, nurture and form professional players. Additionally, in eSports there is no roadmap to become a pro player. Most pro players are accidental successes. Most of them need years to reach the top. And even if you become a top solo-player, this doesn’t mean you will be as good in a team. Currently big companies and pro teams in eSports are trying to own the whole industry and control its evolution. Because the industry is still very young, these companies are trying to create monopolies, where a small group of super-rich control everything and the fans are destined to be just consumers.

Today there are no standardized and fair contracts to govern relationships between entities. Since pro players are usually teenagers, pro teams and talent management companies abuse players’ immaturity and bad practices flourish in this opaque environment. Advertisers and sponsors currently distribute their budgets inside the eSports industry to a very limited group of pro-teams and leagues. This exclusivity makes it very hard for fresh players and teams to enter the market.

A number of these issues can be solved with an immutable blockchain ledger where every stakeholder in the industry is identified by a wallet and all interactions between them are governed by smart contracts, creating a more level and fair playing field for the industry to grow and develop.


Leap ICO – The Solution

The LEAP foundation is building a decentralized platform specifically designed to run smart contracts among key stakeholders in the eSports industry. Smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain enable us to build a trusted environment where all interactions and relations between stakeholders are logged. We will build standard contracts as well as an easy-to-use constructor for custom smart contracts. LEAP will firstly power the GameLeap educational universe and then expand to the whole industry.

Each stakeholder of the eSports ecosystem is defined by a wallet on the blockchain, which acts as his or her user-ID. The wallet/ID will be connected to an actual identity, and will be used throughout the lifespan of the user. Groups or companies will also be represented via such user-ID’s and smart contracts will enable everyone to interact and perform trusted transactions.

All key eSports stakeholders will be able to benefit from the LEAP platform, including Fans, Scouts, Coaches, Investors, Pro-Players, Pro-Teams, National Leagues, eSports World Cup, Game Publishers, Advertisers and Brands.

The LEAP Foundation will use the revenues to execute on its mission and reach its goal of growing eSports by:
• Promotion of eSports
• Supporting Talent Creation and Talent Technologies (Talent 2.0)
• Supporting National Leagues
• Supporting the National Leagues in the organization of National cups
• Organizing the World cup

Sponsors and advertisers can provide budgets to the LEAP foundation in exchange for native visibility, branding and association with related pro teams, pro players, national and the eSports World Cups. Advertisers pay a fee in the form of LEAP tokens in exchange for the service. Sponsors, advertisers, investors, leagues, and game publishers can also enter into direct relationships with pro players, pro teams, etc. via LEAP smart contracts. In that case again a fee is paid to the LEAP foundation in the form of LEAP tokens for the service.


Leap Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Token Symbol LEAP
Token Type ERC20
Blockchain Platform Ethereum
Crowdsale Opens TBD
Pre-Sale Yes
Terms & Allocation 50% Token sale
15% Key Partners, Bug bountry
15% Team, Advisors
20% Reserved for future token sale
Website leap.gg

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