1| UniKrn (UKG)

Unikrn was established in 2014, a fully-regulated and licensed eSports bookmaker. Over the last three years Unikrn has built the most technologically-advanced wagering platform for eSports, including both skill-based and spectator betting products. We have also thoroughly tested real-money wagering in our eSportsbook for both the UK and Australia. Unikoin gives users an opportunity to bet on eSports, ladder up and win prizes in markets where Unikrn is not yet licensed to conduct real-money wagering. Over the past two years Unikrn has honed this product and enhancing the user experience, increasing their popularity. With over a quarter of a billion Unikoins turned over, we decided it’s time to take the platform to the next level by introducing our cryptocurrency: UnikoinGold.  Unikrn is committed to making UnikoinGold the be-all and end-all token for the eSports and gaming.

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2| DreamTeam (DTT)

DreamTeam is all-on-one solution for Gaming and ESports markets based on blockchain and smart contracts, allowing Gamers to build, grow, manage and monetise ESports teams.  DreamTeam platform will create a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem around the DreamTeam Token. The platform has a full set of recruitment tools, including finding players / managers / coaches or anyone else you might need for your team. The apex of this ecosystem is its network of management tools. It will combine the recruitment essentials – management, analytics, coaching; and more complex tools such as marketing and media instruments. This whole stack of services will satisfy both player and team needs, giving them services they are willing to pay for.

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3| DMarket (DMarket)

DMarket is a global marketplace solution that turns every virtual asset or item into a real commodity. Combining blockchain technology and smart contracts through their API, DMarket is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items, thus monetising time and effort spent playing games and creating a new multi-billion-dollar trading economy.

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4| Leap (LEAP)

LEAP is building the blockchain connecting fans, pro players, pro teams, sponsors, tournament organizers, and game publishers via smart contracts. For the first time in history you can be much more than just a fan. Now you can benefit from the massive growth of eSports and decide how your favourite sport will evolve. Think of LEAP as FIFA (federation which organizes the world cup) for eSports.  LEAP will enable anyone to benefit from the growth of the virtual worlds, either as players, coaches, investors or simply fans and make video games and eSports as popular as football/soccer is.

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5| Eloplay (ELT)

ESports platform Eloplay.com allows players to organize and participate in Smart tournaments with decentralized prize pools. The platform is made for:

  • players and teams who want to battle for prizes and rewards;
  • brands and organizations who want to conduct tournaments by themselves; and
  • advertisers who target eSports audiences.

Global brands and game developers conduct major tournaments with million-dollar prize pools; however, only a small group of professional players compete for these prizes. This creates inequality and leaves millions of amateur players without a chance to compete for major prizes. Eloplay introduces Smart Tournaments with decentralized prize pools, based on smart contract technology, which allow players and brands to organize eSports tournaments. We’re also implementing Eloplay tokens to support the Smart Tournaments ecosystem.

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6| Aether United (AUN)

Aether United’s vision is to make eSports better. Aether United gives fans the respect and power they deserve, by granting them the ability to manage and contribute to their team.
Eventually, their mission is to have at least one team in each major league, using blockchain to for transparency and security.  Aether United is the first and only token-based, fan-driven eSports community.

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7| CashPokerPro (CASH)

Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers.  This modern poker room uses a decentralized platform for monitoring the operation of a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) and a system for fast deposit and withdrawal of funds with blockchain-based authentication, based around messengers. Any CASH token holder will be able to create their own online poker room and earn money with the help of the system. The creation of this decentralized system for monitoring the operation of a PRNG will be used for dealing cards and in other products, such as roulette, slot games, card games (blackjack, baccarat, Russian poker, etc). This decentralized system for monitoring the operation of a PRNG will be integrated into their product portfolio and the launch of a full-fledged version of the Cash Poker Pro Poker Room offering the complete product portfolio applications.

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8| StockBet (StockBet)

StockBet already have a working platform. Check out BullBear on StockBet.com, which enables players to bet against each other, using free “chips”, on North American, European and some Asian stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies. StockBet’s mission is to build a platform and API, so that any 3rd party developer can add games to StockBet; replace the use of “chips” with tokens; and enable affiliates to drive traffic to the platform.

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9| PlayKey (PKT)

PlayKey is a decentralised Cloud Gaming platform designed to allow gamers to play top-rated games anytime and anywhere, on any device connected to the internet, without having to purchase a high-end CPU or console. PlayKey is based on proven working technology and has a network of 120 Nvidia Grid powered servers and is backed by a large European VC fund. Playkey aims to create an ecosystem for cloud gaming and other use cases (“The Playkey Ecosystem”) featuring: independent owners of powerful computers worldwide (“miners”) united within a community, and acting as cloud gaming service providers; a single universal ecosystem cryptocurrency —the PKT token; unified high standards of cloud gaming service (SLA) set in the form of a miner-gamer smart contract; a governing and community regulating body — PlayKey Foundation, the issuer of the PKT token, responsible for service and ecosystem development.

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10| Vacuum (VAC)

Vacuum is a decentralised gaming platform that lets you buy, sell or rent your digital games through the blockchain. The global gaming industry is one of the fastest growing segments worldwide. 2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017. The Steam platform, owned by Valve, controls a significant percentage of the PC gaming market — 50 percent to 70 percent of all PC game downloads happen on Steam, selling titles from bigger firms such as EA and Activision, as well as Valve’s own games. Steam currently takes 30% – 50% of digital game sales from game developers. Vacuum aims to revolutionize the PC gaming industry and give back the power to the people.

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