ucash iboUCASH , a peer-to-peer Global Financial Services Network, will be launching the UCASH IBO, the first ever Initial Bounty Offering (IBO).

“UCASH is a blockchain based financial platform and digital asset converter network with a built-in cryptocurrency for payments of fees, execution of smart contracts and additional functionality. Our retail converters are our branches and ATMs.” (from whitepaper)

UCASH IBO – What is an Initial Bounty Offering?

An Initial Bounty offering differs from the well know Initial Coin Offering in that users can acquire tokens by completing bounties.

There are various bounties to be claimed for various types of contributors, including but not limited to:

  • Consumers
    • Sign-Up Account
    • Link Facebook
    • Link Twitter
  • Converters
    • Signup an MSB Converter
    • Signup a Retail Converter
    • Signup a Converter
  • Contributors
    • Produce a song
    • Produce a Video
    • Write an Article
  • Cooperative
  • Coders
  • Community

This is just a small example of the different items available to the public from the UCASH IBO.  There are different rewards in their XUC tokens for different contribution types for bounties.

UCASH IBO – Why an Initial Bounty Offering?

UCASH believes that Initial Coin Offerings do not allow for proper preparation and development of projects because they often launch without proper research, software development, relationship building, or even functioning alpha or beta versions. The IBO will gain all these necessary needs through their contributors as they will be intricately involved in the creation and development of the project.

We will see if this innovative new project, the advent of the IBO, will spread through the industry and become another way to launch blockchain based projects. We look forward to the Press Release and writing a full profile of the project in the near future.


Website: https://u.cash/index.html


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