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Malta, 6th March, 2018 – DIAMAN CAPITAL LTD is pleased to announce their recently launched ICO Token sale has received an excellent response during its’ pre-ICO stage, with initial fund-raising activity due to end on March 21st 2018. With its’ Italian holding company having sixteen years of successful track record in quantitative financial advisory, Diaman Capital launches PHI – the first ever platform for hybrid investment which allows investments in all asset classes and vehicles including crypto assets. In its fully functional form, PHI will provide an entirely digitized platform to eliminate the all critical problems that have crippled the wealth management industry for years.

The Token sale for PHI Tokens starts on 3rd March 2018, with the Pre-ICO, having a limited supply of 3,524,578 Tokens, which can be purchased with a 21% discount at a price of $1.27 per token via the PHI Token website. The ICO istself starts on 8th March 2018 with a restricted supply of 7,881,196 utiity tokens available for a limited time only, and valued at a price of $1.61 USD.

PHI Token holders will benefit from using the PHI utility token within the components of the hybrid investment platform, as well as receiving 30% cash-back on financial software purchases together with great potential for increased value due to the companies annualised “buy back and burn” commitment.

The global wealth management industry has managed to prosper in the past primarily because of the high returns generated from the twenty-year bond rallies and the poor financial knowledge of customers. However, with the bond returns holding a zero or even negative value and the stock market carrying a positive growth rate for nearly a decade, the future of this financial market does not hold much promise for the investors.  Making things worse, there is a tremendous pressure created by the Robo Advisors gaining market share, especially in the United States. In this scenario, there is an imminent need for the industry to address three critical shortcomings;

  • High costs because of the outdated and labour intensive operating models
  • Limited access to multiple investment opportunities
  • Sale of captive products without real competition between asset managers

DIAMAN Capital LTD proposes to solve the existing problems by combining digitization of processes, de-centralization and sharing together with innovation and competition. Firstly, it will lower the costs of providing investment services by reducing the commercial supply chains via digitization. Moreover, it will create an opportunity for the investors to benefit from multiple investment vehicles, including the crypto assets. Finally, it will ensure better results for the customers by stimulating competition between the asset and wealth managers.

In order to finance the project and share it’s success with the global crypto community, DIAMAN Capital has recently issued the PHI Token. These tokens will have three main preparatory features to increase its’ value over time.

  • PHI Tokens as Stake: Anyone looking to use the components of the platform must own and immobilize the PHI Tokens
  • PHI Tokens as Payment: The hybrid investment platform and the developed financial software will accept payments in PHI Tokens, offering 30% cash-back
  • PHI Tokens Buy Back and Burn rewards: 15% of the performance fees generated by the platform and 50% of the annual tax refund (caculated from the payment of taxes in Malta) will be used to purchase PHI Tokens on the exchanges to create a scarcity effect.

Daniele Bernadi, CEO commented that, “The PHI Token is the natural result of a project that my company has been working on since 2013. After the crisis for the government bond, we needed a few years to define the detail of the project. Now, we are ready to disrupt the industry with a market-place that we have named the, Platform for Hybrid Investments. The name PHI is perfect for the meaning as it represents, the golden-ratio, that exists in past, present and future, this golden ratio is found in us, in nature and also in the universe so is perfect to name the Token.”

To find out more about PHI Token, join the official Telegram community or visit

About PHI: PHI is the brainchild of DIAMAN Captal LTD, with its’ Italian holding company having sixteen years of successful track record in quantitative financial advisory, and is the first ever platform for hybrid investment on the blockchain.

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Gary Collins



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