CEO of ICOBoxWe had recently posted the Press Release announcing the launch of ICOBox, a SaaS solutions for conducting ICOs, at a Fixed-Price Service Package, which cuts down on wait time, offers clear price tag and makes ICOs accessible for a wider clientele.

Following the release, we sat connected with the ICOBox team and had the following conversation with ICOBox’s CEO Nick Evdokimov.

Tell us about ICObox. Who are you? What motivated you to create the ICOBox,?  What void in the market do you see it filling?

The company was created by myself, Mike Raitsyn, and Anar Babaev. Anar and I work together on another project of ours — I’m the CEO, and he’s on the marketing team of Cryptonomos, a project which has just completed a token launch for Giga Watt, raking in over $20 million.

The past couple of years saw the rise in the number of conducted ICOs. But the technology remains hard to access and correctly implement, and it is still very expensive. The market is rapidly growing, the ICO experts are in short supply, and the prospective clients are forced to spend months on waiting lists while busy turnkey ICO agencies get around to serving them.

One day, Anar and I were discussing the situation with our old friend and colleague Mike Raitsyn. And Mike came up with the brilliant idea of automating the ICO process – all three of us used to work on many advertising and IT automation projects. It was during that conversation with Mike that we realized that we can combine forces to tackle the problem of the poor scalability of ICO technology. And just several months later we did!

Now we are looking to democratize this exciting new market, providing a reasonable “in” to non-blockchain businesses, to stabilize the ICO market and to minimize the risks for both the token holders and the prospective ICOs.

When was the company launched?

The project went live in July 2017.

What exactly are you offering the market?

We came up with a way to automate many ICO technology components and systematize legal and marketing details, which will help startup teams conduct their own ICOs, in some cases even for free. To do that, ICOBox is conducting its own ICO first, offering our ICOS token to potential token holders. The funds we will attract will pay for ICOBox’s fixed-price tools, which will be given to promising new projects to conduct their ICOs with. ICOBox’s team will screen, and the ICOS token holders will vote to select such projects. ICOS token holders will also be able to comment on prospective ICO projects, essentially giving project teams feedback and helping shape future ICOs. In exchange, the teams will give the token holders a fixed number of their future tokens, which will be exchangeable for ICOS tokens with an average of 75% discount if ICOS token holders so choose. Basically, it’s a win-win: startups can do their ICOs at a reasonable price, or even free, while ICOS token holders get to acquire new ICO tokens at a very attractive price and support new market actors.

Tell us about your team?

Our team comprises great people with excellent knowledge in their respective fields. They are the cream of cream in ICO technology, marketing, and legal support – the latter being extremely important in this industry. Many of them have been part of several ICOs, so they have not just a strictly theoretical, but very practical, hands-on knowledge of how to do it right. The team has extensive experience working together on cutting-edge in IT and automation projects and, specifically, on ICOs.

How many people are on the ICObox team?

More than 50 people are involved at this point, and we are growing daily. Here are some of our team members

Where can I see the progress of the ICO and how much you have already raised?

Information on the sale of ICOS tokens is posted on our website Once ICOBox’s ICO launches on August 15, 2017, the counter tracking incoming funds will go live.

How are you different from the rest of the market?
Our main distinction is that we can start working with new projects today. The rest of the market will place you on a waiting list for several weeks or even months, but our innovative automated solutions enable us to start working with you much sooner, right when you need us.

What is the size of your current client base?

We have a load of over 10 ICOs on our collective desk. This number is going up every day. After ICOBox’s crowdsdale we expect the number of our customers to grow exponentially.

Can you name some of your clients? Any projects we have heard about?

As part of Cryptonomos project, many of the ICOBox team members worked on the token launch for Giga Watt, which has just successfully got over $20 million. Keep an eye on ICOBox’s announcements, we will soon be letting you know about some of the cool new projects we are working with, which will be announcing their ICOs designed with ICOBox’s solutions.

How many ICOs can you do at a time?

Our goal is to do 800 ICOs in the next year. It’s not as fantastical as you might think: For the past 8 years, Kickstarter has been launching 125 campaigns per day. That’s a little shy of three thousand projects. We are starting at a prudent expectation of 10 ICOs per week, eventually reaching 20 (and possibly more) weekly ICOs. So based on our math, the 800 annual ICOs is quite realistic. As a team of professionals who have specialized on automating and scaling up projects for the past 15 years, we believe we have found the optimum blend of tools, knowledge, and experience that will allow us to deliver what we set out to do.

How much money are you looking to get?

ICOBox’s ICOS token sale comes with no minimum or maximum caps. We can accept as much or as little as we want, it all depends on the level of interest from our potential token holders. Since the funds will be spent to pay for ICOBox’s tools which will be given to new projects to enable them to conduct their own ICOs, the number of funds we get will determine how many ICOs will be conducted.

How do you see ICOBox project running after it completes its ICO?

I believe we will continue doing what we do best – help other projects conduct their ICOs, bringing to life exciting new products and services and expanding beyond the confines of the blockchain industry.

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