pareto icoParetoNetwork announced on November 29, 2017, that they decided to extend the Pre-Sale until January 15, 2018 and cancel the Public Token Sale that was to follow.


Why Pareto Network extended their Pre-Sale and cancelled the Public Sale

This decision was made based on two main considerations:

  • Pareto has received a lot of interest from larger financial institutions such as VCs and hedge funds.
  • The market conditions have changed related to ICOs.

Pareto therefore adjusted the hard cap of the Pre-Sale sale to $12 million. They have not adjusted the number of tokens available for the sale but have adjusted the PXT/ETH ratio to 5,500 PXT per ETH.


What does this mean for Pareto Network investors?

All those who have contributed during the Pre-Sale will now receive 5,500 PXT per ETH as opposed to the original 1,700 PXT.  In addition, the first 20% purchased will receive an additional 600 PXT per ETH or a total of 6,100 PXT per ETH.

Pareto has extended the Pre-Sale until January 15 to give all our interested contributors the ability to take advantage of the new valuation and participate alongside the institutions.

With the increased interest from the institutions and the progress of the Pre-Sale, Pareto expects that the cap will be met within the PreSale time-period and therefore they will not require the planned Public Token Sale.

Pareto is very excited about these developments and believe this will advance the Pareto Network on its way to providing accurate, actionable and trustworthy cryptocurrency financial information to the holders of the PXT faster.


The future for Pareto Network

We are sure that the PXT tokens will sell fast based on the developments and information we provided, so we recommend that you look at the project now and participate before the close of the Pre-Sale.


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