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It’s no secret that social networking sites monetise users’ activity and content to the tune of billions merely by showing ads to them – while users get little in return. The generous profits are accrued by corporations, none of whom are in the habit of sharing it with their users.

But the world is changing, and fast. is a new generation social network based on the principles of fairness and transparency between the social media and user. It combines the benefits of the digital currency of the future – Bitcoin – and blockchain technology, granting users the opportunity to win rewards for using the service.

А Revolution in Visual Advertising

Aside from standard SNS features, every user’s account can be used as their ad space, making all of their followers that individual’s personal advertising audience.

By activating their advertising account in one click, users enable their account to automatically post ads which then appear in all of their followers’ news feeds – earning rewards from in the process. A reward can be up to 50% of the ad cost per view; the important thing is that the social media does reward users based on advertiser’s payments. All processes are fully automated and require no further action from the user.

The Business Model of the Future

Every user is rewarded simply by spending time and being active on social media. It is not difficult to envisage how many people will jump at the opportunity to effortlessly build a source of passive income. Advertisers benefit from a large, easily targeted and inherently ad-friendly audience, which is financially motivated in placing ads on their social media. Meanwhile, the social network provides itself with a constant inflow of new users and clients, thus increasing not only its profit but also its popularity. The only question is: how is it technically possible to perform millions of transactions for millions of users at a time?

Blockchain, Bitcoin and ALL.ME (ME) Token

The answer lies in innovative blockchain technology. Implementing our business model without its opportunities would be virtually impossible. will also use Bitcoin for external payments, particularly for transactions between the social network and the client. This is yet another unique feature of what is an envelope-pushing, game-changing project.

All the internal payments, user rewards and other transactions within will be carried out with the use of ME Token, the network’s bespoke digital token. provides users with ample opportunity to use the token: purchase of stickers, gifts and profile themes, premium subscription, music subscription, Bitcoin exchange and — coming soon — the “Showcase” platform. This is a unique trading platform within the social network, wherein users can purchase goods not only from trading companies but also from each other. You don’t have to be a financial analyst to appreciate the economic potential of “Showcase”. In the long term, it can even challenge the e-commerce companies dominating the global market today.

Aside from a broad number of uses within, ME tokens can be used outside the network too. Each user will have a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange service integrated into their account, so that they’re able to send remittances to each other, exchange ME Tokens to Bitcoin or sell them at the exchange.

ICO to Drive Worldwide Business Expansion

The innovative social network is now fully ready for use, and anyone with an eye on the future can grasp it ahead of time. All they need to do is tap the download button in the App Store or Google Play. has already launcher an ICO (ME Tokens sales) in the end of December, 2017.

In the first presale, $2.8 million worth of ALL.ME tokens sold in less than 48 hours. The next presale will start in January 25-31

With our initial coin offering, our business model will be able to expand to all regions and continents. We believe this goal is attainable, because is a truly unique, breakthrough project that opens a new chapter in social network development. This is a platform whose development is completely natural, a social network anticipated and deserved by every person in every country of the world currently using a social network service. And while social media was formerly a pleasure (but also, to be clear, a total waste of time financially), every minute spent on offers the potential for profit. The future, we believe, has already happened.

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